A Full Guide to Hair Extension Care

A Full Guide to Hair Extension Care

Hair extensions are not cheap, and can even be very expensive. The duration of hair extensions varies from quality to quality, usually Remy hair lasts 3-6 months and Virgin hair lasts 6-12 months. However, hair extensions are a consumable product and the duration will depend on the level of use and care.

If there is no quality problem with the hair, why do some people's hair extensions last longer than others? The answer is that they follow the correct care for their hair extensions. Given this, how can we better maintain our hair extensions to make them last longer?
Next, I have integrated all the hair extensions care methods, so that your hair extensions can stay with you longer.

Question 1: How to Comb Your Hair?

🔸Choose the right brush. Wide-toothed and tangle-free combs are great options.

🔸Be sure to brush your hair every day and start at the lower end  of your hair .  Brush out the ends of the hair, then comb through the middle and top part of the hair.

🔸Make sure that you are always gentle with your extensions this  can also affect their lifespan. If you come across a particularly  pesky knot, take out the individual hair and brush it through gently.

🔸Never brush the extensions when they are wet as this is when it  is the most susceptible to breakage.

🔸It is important to never brush your roots. Because this is where  your extensions are bonded to your head and you will damage. Like Tape-Ins, Pre-bonded Hair Extensions, Instead, finger your  hands through the roots to keep them from tangling and then hold  your hair in a fist just under your ear and then brush the ends. By  holding your hair you are taking pressure off the bonds, therefore,  keeping them tight.

Question 2: How to Wash Your Hair?

It is very important to use the right care products, Be sure to check  the ingredient listing and ensure you don’t see the words:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium LauryI Sulfate ,SD Alcohol40, SLS, Alcohol Denat, Isopropyl, PropyI, Ethanol,Propanol

These ingredients strip the hair of its natural oils which, in turn,  make the hair drier and more prone to tangling or matting.  Prolonged use of these ingredients can affect the integrity of the  hair, shortening the lifespan of your hair extensions significantly.


When in the shower, turn the temperature to cold just before you  get out and give your hair a blast of the cold shower, this will help  keep your bonds once again nice and tight and close your pores  too.

Question 3:How to Dry Your Hair ?

We don’t recommend blow-drying your extensions after every wash  as doing this constantly will make them dry and more vulnerable to  breakage. If you must blow-dry your extensions, be sure to use a  heat protect spray before blow-drying to extend the lifespan of your  hair extensions. Always blow-dry downwards as this will help to not  only smooth the cuticle but it will also prevent the hair from getting  tangled.

Remember, the more you wash and heat style your extensions, the  shorter their lifespan will be, so try to keep washing and using  products on your extensions to a minimum. The important thing to  remember is that your hair extensions don’t have a natural  hydration source like your own hair does, so keeping them  moisturized and reducing dryness is crucial to prolonging their  lifespan.

Question 4: How to Fix Dry and Frizzy Hair?

Use a Sulfate-free shampoo

Never choose a shampoo that contains sulfate because  it would harm your hair extensions. Sulfate is a common  ingredient in lots of shampoo brands because it could  create lather. However, this substance would omit the  natural oil from the hair, thus making it dry and frizzy.  Therefore, to prevent the natural oil and moisture from  reducing, it is better to use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Besides, to tame frizzy hair extensions, you had better  find a shampoo with a high level of glycerin. Glycerin  would penetrate to the hair strands and hydrate it inside  out. Hence, it could be a powerful weapon to combat  frizz. This ingredient also absorbs the excess moisture  from the air and keeps your hair humid enough.

Don't forget to apply conditioner

Hair extensions frizzy after washing might also be the  result of the lack of conditioner. Remember to use conditioner to hydrate your hair every time you shampoo it so that moisture could soak into each strand. Similar to the best shampoo for hair extensions, the conditioner should contain glycerin  and other ingredients that boost hydration.


Apply the conditioner to the mid-length and the tips of  the extensions. Avoid applying it directly to the root to prevent  the tape or bond from loosening.

Apply nourishing oil to hair ends

To prevent hair extension from getting friction and frizz,  try using nourishing oil. This oil will help to smooth the  hair out and add gloss and shine to your extensions. It will  soak deep into the hair cuticle to add moisture and  revitalize health applyand vibrancy.

Use only 1 – 3 drops of oil for each time only. Drop it on  the palm of your hair and then it evenly to the tips of the  strands. It is an exceptionally effective way to stop frizzy  hair.

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