6 Ways to Save Money on Hair Care

Shopping for hair care appeals to the senses; the smell, touch, and feel of a product will weigh on your decision to purchase. But when shopping for hair care online, you should appeal to another feeling—money sense—and we have a few saving hacks to help with that.

When shopping at your favorite beauty or drugstore is not possible and you’re doing most of your shopping at home, shopping for hair care online works just as well and sometimes, even better. Your favorite hair care products are literally at your fingertips when virtual shopping. But before you hit add to cart, we have 10 money saving hacks that will get you the hair care you want for less—and that’s a feeling that’ll wake all your senses up.

1. Leave stuff in your cart for a day or two

Playing hard to get with hair care online will have very different results than playing hard to get while dating—in a good way. When you leave stuff in your cart overnight, many retailers will send you a “reminder” email or notification, usually with some incentives such as a discount or offer code to encourage you to complete your purchase. This little marketing tactic builds rapport with the customer, offering a unique discount code for their un-purchased items. It’s a handy little trick to save on hair care online, as long as you don’t mind waiting a day or two to see if you get a little nudge in your inbox.

2. Sign up for newsletters/emails

When visiting a site for the first time it’s not unusual to see a pop-up window inviting you to sign up for the brand’s e-newsletters. Typically, a 10-15% discount code or sometimes incentives on shipping will be shared after signing up. If you don’t mind sharing your e-mail, this is an easy way to take a few bucks off your next purchase. While a ton of promo emails can get annoying, you can filter emails into a promotions folder (or get Gmail to do that for you) and these newsletters can be good sources for upcoming sales and additional discounts.

3. Sales and price comparison apps

This money-saving hack goes hand in hand with the point above. Apps like Shoptagr and Savelist will keep track of the items you’re keeping an eye on and will alert you when they go on sale. Nothing feels better than getting what you want, for less.

4. Buy the travel size

When trying out new hair care online, committing to something full price and full size can make some a bit nervous. If online reviews aren’t enough, test out the hair care product by purchasing the travel size. That way you’re spending a fraction of the full-size price and still have enough product to test out for a period of time. If it doesn’t work, it’s not a big loss. However, if it does work buying the travel size is like getting a little appetizer before your anticipated entrée. 

5. Free returns

Whether it’s hair care or clothes, shop from retailers that allow free returns. This will save you money and frustrations, if there’s a mix-up in shipping or if the product simply doesn’t work the way you need it too. With free returns the retailer will usually include a pre-paid packing slip that will allow you to easily ship the item back. Make sure to read the conditions on returns and shipping whenever shopping for hair care online. We believe a woman always has the right to change her mind, especially when it comes to shopping hair care online. Vivien Hair offers 30-day exchanges on our hair extensions so you can find the style collection that works best for you.

6. Shop flash and special event sales

While Black Friday and Boxing Day are obvious sale seasons, retailers like Sephora and Ulta typically hold their own special sale events throughout the year. These sales will include deep discounts on popular items or promotions not typically offered throughout the year. These sales happen seasonally, so we recommend logging on to your favorite store a few days before the sale starts to bookmark or save the items you want to buy. This will make adding to cart faster and way more fun when those discounts hit.

Shopping for hair care online allows you to do more research and price comparisons. While it may not feel the same as browsing the aisles and feeling the product in your hand, there are plenty of resources available to help you make informed purchases. A lot of these money saving hacks can also be applied when shopping for makeup or other products online, keep them close on your next virtual shopping trip, and feel free to share your money saving hacks too.