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Vivien Beauty—Bring Your Hair To Life


Brand Story

 Vivien Hair was established in 2008 by its founder, Vivien, who was an excellent hair stylist. Through her work, Vivien noticed that many clients had issues with hair loss and lack of hair volume. As someone who also struggled with thinning hair, Vivien could relate to their concerns. Motivated to help, Vivien quit her job, visited multiple hair extension manufacturing factories, compared the quality of their products, and identified the best quality hair as the source. 

 She then established Vivien Hair, a professional hair extension company dedicated to creating and producing high-quality, 100% human real hair, aiming to bring confidence and beauty to people because everyone has the right to feel beautiful.

Brand Development

Over the past decade, Vivien Hair has continuously worked towards providing better hair extensions. They have established their own factory to ensure the quality of their hair extensions and maintain ample stock availability.In 2021, Vivien Hair took a significant step towards a better direction by focusing mainly on Virgin hair, which is recognized as the best quality hair.As time has gone on, Vivien Beauty is committed to helping women express their unique beauty and confidence through high-quality, ethically sourced extensions.

Brand Philosophy

Vivien has become a symbol of Virtuous, Vivacious, and Impeccability, providing women customers with Excellent, Natural, and Innovative products. At the same time, Vivien inspires women all over the world to embrace their unique beauty and unleash their inner enchantment with Vivien’s magical hair extensions. As the slogan says, "Vivien Beauty—Bring Your Hair To Life" We not only provide the products that customers want, but also offer careful and thoughtful customer service.

Vivien Products

Vivien Beauty has grown into a global brand, offering a wide range of hair extension options to suit every style and preference. Vivien has continuously innovated their products and R&D technologies, striving to create the best hair extension products. We currently offer three categories of products:
*Topper Hair: Virgin Topper, Remy Topper
*Virgin Hair: Virgin Tape In Hair; Virgin Weft In Hair, Virgin Pre-Bonded Hair
*Virgin+ Hair: Injection Tape Hair; Hand-Tied Weft Hair; Genius Weft Hair

Vivien Advantages

* Vivien only selects 100% human hair, hand-selected to reduce damage.
* Vivien Hair is naturally invisible and shiny, comfortable and soft, strong and durable, with a long service life.
* Vivien has a professional production factory that strictly controls the quality, minimizing the price.
*Vivien ensures early delivery so that customers can receive their favorite products as soon as possible.
*Vivien has a comprehensive return and exchange policy to address customer concerns.
*Vivien has 24-hour online customer service to assist with any issues.

Join Vivien

So, whatever you're looking for, Vivien plans to have it available for you. And if it's not, feel free to contact us, so we can negotiate or produce the best deal for you in no time! We are constantly striving to improve and eagerly look forward to your support!