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Why Vivien can provide the Best Price for you?

 Vivien factory used to supply hair to top hair brands only, since 2015 we have our own hair brand--"Vivien Hair".  So, there is no middle man between you and Vivien factory!

 Vivien does not invite models or celebrities to do marketing. When you order Vivien hair, you don't need to pay for celebrities or models,  only need to pay for the value of hair products!

 Same good quality with top brand hair but low price, isn't it good for your business?

What Vivien can do for you but others can not?

 Vivien have 3 big warehouses, 1 on China, 1 on American and 1 on Europe. If your clients have an urgently appointment, Vivien can deliver the hair to you in 1-2 days!

 Most suppliers only have solid color swatch, but Vivien provide Free year update balayage and highlight color swatch! Update color every year to make sure can provide popular colors. Easier to match color for your clients~

Do you want to have your own brand hair?

Build your own brand! Except go to your salon, there is no other way to get this high quality hair. Vivien is a successful example for you~

Like you will chose the best quality hair to be your own brand hair. Vivien also chose the Best quality hair for Vivien Hair! The reason why top brand  chose Vivien factory is because we have bilded a scientest system to control the quality of hair. Vivien got the order from the 2 top brands every year, rely on the system!

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WhatsApp: +1 (614) 259 8846

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