8 ways to care for curly hair

8 ways to care for curly hair


Why is naturally curly hair always messy? This is because the hair is too dry, so we have to moisturize the hair. Naturally curly girls know that they have just washed their hair. Our hair looks like we have just made curls from a barbershop. We like natural curls that have just washed hair, but after the moisture in the hair evaporates, we don’t say we control the hair. The hair was fluffy and exploded.

2、Essential oil

After washing our hair, we apply some essential oils to our hair to add nutrients to our hair. How can we not only smell the fragrance of essential oils but also make our hair look softer.

3、"Press" hair cream

Make a bow, throw your hair to the front, then pour the cream on your hands, rub the palms of your hands with each other to make both hands have cream. Then gently use both hands to "press" the hair cream into the hair strands to make the hair strands moister and smoother.

4、apply the conditioner

For curly hair, it hurts the hair when it is perm. In addition to the conditioner we usually need to make after washing the hair, we can choose a non-greasy conditioner, which can be directly treated on dry hair. . Even when not washing your hair, you can even apply it to the ends of the hair to care for the hair strands. And it can make the hair full of elasticity, and the curls are more durable.

5、Five fingers combing hair

Stand up straight and use five fingers to comb from the hairline in the middle of the forehead to the back of the head, so that the dividing line will form naturally and the hair on the top of the head will also be fluffy.

6、comb hair with a comb

For curly hair, when it is just permed, the barber will tell you not to comb your hair frequently, otherwise, the flowers will not last. In fact, we can use a wide comb to comb our hair, especially after washing, we can comb, and then when we comb all the curly hair, the hair that usually falls in the hair will also be cleaned out, otherwise, it will be often Sexually make a pile of hair fall on the house and clothes, and it will make the hair knotted and unsmooth for a long time.

7、Blow hair

Use the index finger as the axis to do the spiral winding movement of the hair. It is best to use a hairdryer to wind it over and over again until it is dried, but remember not to pull down the hair curls forcefully. This will easily damage the durability of the hair curls. of.

8、Newly permed hair should be draped

When you have just perm, you can choose to put it down. One is to let the curls go smoothly, and the other is to allow yourself a period of adaptation. If you are not a very professional model, you basically need a week or so to adapt to your hair. You can choose your favorite hairstyle to style, but try to avoid styling and getting stuck.