How To Comb Your Hair Extensions?

brush your vivien hair extensions

How To Comb Your Hair Extensions?

You've spent a lot of money on hair extensions and had them installed by a hair stylist. But you don't know how to comb your hair extensions, so all the time and money you've invested up front is wasted.

To help you maintain your hair extensions and make them last longer, I'm going to share some tips on how to comb your hair extensions that will help you.

Why do you need a special hair extension brush?

brush your vivien hair extensions

First, you should consider getting a professional hair extension comb.

Hair extension brushes are designed for mass hair extensions

It does not aggravate the tangles in your hair, but softly helps you to untangle and knot.

Specialized hair extension combs are friendly to hair extensions and help you maintain your hair extensions, which are not prone to breakage.

We recommend several combs for hair extensions, they can help you better deal with frizz and tangles and reduce hair fall. Of course it is normal to have very few hair fall out when combing your hair.


hair extensions brush vivien


hair extensions brush


hair extensions brush

How do you comb your hair extensions?

With a good tool to use, the next step is how to properly comb your hair.

Here are some simple steps for combing your hair to help you open up tangles and knots.

  • Try to use a wide tooth comb or use a soft extension brush with boar bristles. Such a brush will glide smoothly through your extensions, effortlessly reducing tangles and knots.
  • Did you know that ...... hair tangles often occur as a result of damaged hair cuticles? By smoothing the hair cuticle with an oil-based treatment, you can help reduce the level of tangles in your extensions and add shine and softness
  • Use a specialized hair oil to smooth out your tangles and extensions before combing your hair. This will make them smooth and tame.
  • Run your fingers through your extensions, carefully untangling the toughest knots.
  • Gently comb through your extensions. Hold the roots in one hand while brushing with the other. This will prevent excessive tension at the roots and extensions from falling out.

brush your vivien hair extensions

  • Remember to always start combing at the ends of your hair first. Once the ends are smooth and tangle-free, you can work your way higher and higher along the length of your hair, all the way to your scalp. Always comb your hair in a downward motion and make sure to comb through small sections of hair at a time. Don't rush to brush your hair from the scalp all the way to the ends at once - it will only create more tangles!
  • Depending on the quality of your extensions, daily brushing may be very easy and have minimal tangles, but if your extensions are of a lower quality, then you may find that your extensions get tangled a lot. If your extensions are constantly tangled, always carry a hair extension brush with you. Comb your hair regularly, at least 3 times a day. This is one of the best ways to extend the life of your hair.
  • Hair extensions are especially fragile when they are wet after washing, so make sure you don't brush them at this time!
  • Also, comb and braid your hair before going to bed.

brush your vivien hair extensions

By combing your hair with the right brush and by following the right steps, your hair extensions will always stay soft and smooth.



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