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Virgin Human Hair Clip in Extensions Seamless Dark Brown Color #2

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Vivien Extension clip in extension is amazingly thick and shiny. They all come from 100% real human hair, so they are real and natural. When they are combined with your own hair, they will not be seen by others, because it is super invisible, making us beautiful and relaxed and natural.

Vivien Clip In Hair

Material: Virgin Quality Clip in Hair. Durable, Reusable, Easy Make-up.

Color: #2 Dark Brown

Clips: Cloth clip, High-Quality Clips With Silicone, replaceable.

Texture: Natural Straight, Smooth, Soft, No Tangle, and Shedding Free,and Have a Natural Wave When Wet or Left to Air Dry or Diffused.

Weight: 18"-22" 110G/pack; 1 set can make a full head, and 2 sets are suggested if you want thicker.


      Virgin hair is the epitome of natural beauty - it is unprocessed, chemical-free human hair that is truly pure. This means that when you purchase virgin hair, you are getting hair that has not undergone any kind of chemical treatment. It has not been permed, colored, dyed, bleached, blow-dried or subjected to any other chemical process that can harm its natural texture and shine.
      • What makes virgin hair even more special is that it is sourced from a single donor. Each bundle of virgin hair that you purchase should come from the same donor, who could be from India, Malaysia, Brazil or any other region of the world. This means that the hair has not been exposed to any harsh agents or chemicals, and its cuticles are all intact and running in the same direction.
      • Choosing virgin hair is a way to embrace your natural beauty and enhance your unique style. With its pure, unprocessed nature and exceptional quality, virgin hair is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look and feel their best. So why settle for anything less? Choose virgin hair and experience the beauty and luxury that only nature can provide.
      virgin tape in hair

      Why Choose Virgin Hair?
      • Our hair bundles are sourced from a single donor, ensuring that you receive the same high-quality hair throughout the bundle for a consistent and stunning look.
      • We only use the finest, rarest raw materials for our virgin hair, resulting in a luxurious and high-quality product that you won't find anywhere else.
      • With our hair, you'll never have to worry about the cuticle being damaged or misaligned - we take great care to ensure that it remains completely intact, ensuring a longer-lasting and more beautiful result.
      • Unlike other hair products that have been subjected to harsh chemicals and treatments, our hair has never been manipulated in any way, so you can trust that it is healthy and vibrant.
      • Whether your hair is curly, straight, or somewhere in between, our hair blends seamlessly with most hair types for a natural and effortless look that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.
      why choose virgin hair?
      virgin hair is more cost effective

      Why Choose Cloth Clip in Hair ?

      remy human clip in hair

      PREMIUM QUALITY: Not just all real hair. We only use healthy teenage hair that has not been permed or dyed, and we carefully select 20% of every 100 grams to ensure unparalleled quality. Our virgin hair has not been subjected to any chemical treatments or heat exposure and can last up to a year longer with proper care than Remy hair.

      EASY INSTALLATION: Create luxuriously long hair in the comfort of your home in just 3 minutes. For full, voluminous hair, you can install it at home. No need to book a professional stylist.

      Extended Lifespan: Our Vivien clip-in hair extensions are engineered to last. With proper care, it can last 9 to 12 months. Each weft is securely sewn with high-quality metal clips to ensure a tight, non-slip fit, making it comfortable and safe to wear all day long, while protecting your scalp. We've designed it as a 7-piece set of 22 clips that can be easily added to your hair to instantly create different volumes.

      EASY MAINTENANCE: Experience tangle-free ease and convenience. The metal clips in hair extensions are designed for frequent daily use by women, preventing tangles and maintaining their original condition even after frequent use. Provides the perfect look for weddings, dates, parties or everyday wear. It only requires some simple maintenance to maintain its softness, shine and impeccable texture for a long time.

      How To Wear And Remove Cloth Clip in Hair?

      how to wear and remove clip in hair
      • Wash Your (Natural) Hair
               If your natural hair isn't clean, the clip of the extensions may not be able to grab onto the hair and adhere properly .
      • Gently Back-Comb Hair Sections
      Comb your hair smoothly, remember to be gentle. Gently back-comb and spray a little texture spray on the sections of hair that you are attaching the extensions to. This creates a cushion between the roots of your hair and the extensions, alleviating some of the tension.
      • Brush Carefully
      Once your extensions are in, try to minimize brushing them, as the pulling and tugging can, again, cause that unwanted tension. If you do need to brush them out, place your fingers at the top of the weft to hold the hair at the root as you brush,  and do so as gently as possible.
      • Remove Them Carefully...

      The nice thing about clip-ins is that they're easy to both put in and take out. Removal really should be as easy as simply unsnapping the clips and gently pulling them out.  If the extensions feel like they're pulling or removing them is uncomfortable, that's a tell-tale sign that something is amiss and you may very well likely be causing damage to your hair.




      How to wash your hair extensions?

      • Use clean and mild water

      • Air dry is best to the extensions

      • Gentle massage is best, do not pull

      • Conditioner is necessary
      tape in hair human hair extensions can last for 3-6 months silky straight no shedding and no split

      How to care for hair extensions?

      • How to brush it?

      • Can I wear it to sleep?

      • How to dry hair extensions?

      • What kind of shampoo should I use?
      how to care hair extensions
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      • For the complete shipping policy, please see the relevant page Shipping-Delivery

       30days easy return

      • Please ensure that the hair has not been used and that you have communicated with us about the return or exchange before returning the product.
      • For complete return and exchange policy, please see the relevant page Return & Exchange

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Lexie Judd
      Extremely impressed

      I’ve been struggling to find hair extensions that match my color for a long time. I finally found this product and am super satisfied. The quality is great: 5 out of 5.

      Realtor Erin
      Worth it!!

      I have never used hair extensions of any kind before and have wanted to on occasion, but figured to achieve a natural look they cost a fortune and for how seldom I would use them - I wasn't willing to pay a ton. I have an event coming up where I'll be dressing as Rapunzel, and wanted to just add length and thickness to my hair instead of wearing a costume wig so that I'd be able to use them for date nights and other occasions with the hubs as well. I spent hours upon hours looking through different types of extensions/colors and reading hundreds of reviews about the scant amount of hair some lower priced extensions have, the tangle issue etc.... I didn't want something needing professional installation, and I wanted them to be easy to put in and take out myself, but I really wanted them to look as natural as possible. My hair has highlights and lowlights so choosing color on a screen was time consuming, but let me say these have exceeded my expectations and I've only had them for 15 minutes. I took them out of the box, clipped them in (color is an unbelievable match). Added braid and in 10 minutes - instant Punzie! Exactly what I was looking for. Obviously I haven't tried curling or styling them yet (the wave in my after photo is from where the extensions were folded in their packaging) and cannot speak to how they will hold up with use. . There was a mixup and the first set that came was an incorrect length but after reaching out to the seller , it was remedied with no difficulties. For ease of use, cost and natural appearance - I am very pleased and can highly recommend!(*First 2 photos are before, second 2 are with extensions)

      Highly recommend

      Let me state: I had run across a small problem( as we all do) and I did not expect for them to help me handle it so quick & so well! I started ordering from them since 2020, and there hair extensions are the best I came across so I never quit ordering since. The whole company needs to be recognize for not only there amazing products( and I use 3 other companies and they don’t compare) but also the communication and gratitude for there customers. It’s one thing to sell, it’s another thing to love what you do and care for your customers!❤️ Highly Recommended!!!

      Fourth purchase! Love them

      Vivien hair is amazing! I have been using it for years. The color is amazing and always matches me perfectly. They are very friendly when it comes to anything I need. I will always used Vivien hair!

      Mckalla Kilgore
      Great customer service

      I’m growing out my salt and pepper hair and the natural hair color is only above my ears; so short of getting a pixie cut or not looking like a skunk with the old dyed ends; these are perfect! Customer service was also excellent; they ran out of the 20” extension and notified me that they could send out the longer extension at no extra charge. I would have preferred the shorter extensions so I wouldn’t have to have the salon trim them for me but I appreciated the call and since no extra charge; I agreed. I just received them and they are perfect and match my natural hair. Also the extensions look healthy so very happy with these! These will also be great for Halloween and other “fun” party events. Thank you!