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[virgin+]Invisible Human Hair Bundle Vivien Genius Weft Extensions Natural Black #1B

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Length Guide

Length GuideLength Guide

25g/bundle | About 150-200g for a full head.

Virgin+ Genius Weft

Vivien Human Hair Genius Weft Extensions

Genius weft is a new type of weft hair extensions, which is based on Hand-tied Wefts and is an upgraded version of Hand-tied Wefts. Genius weft hair extensions and hand tied weft are very similar, they are a good substitute for each other. It is the same as hand-tied weft, which is very thin, but Genius Weft has the advantage over hand-tied weft that it can be cut at will and has no back hair.

Brand: Vivien

Length: 16"-24"

Raw Material: 100% virgin+ Human Hair

Texture: Straight, and a natural wave after washing is normal

Tips: 150-200G for a full head

Specifications of Genius Weft Hair


16 inch

18 inch

20 inch

22 inch

24 inch












Why Choose Virgin+ Hair

Enjoy the epitome of luxury with Virgin+ Hair - the best of all hair extensions. You deserve only the finest quality, and Virgin+ Hair delivers just that. Crafted with the highest grade of human hair, this premium product boasts unmatched durability, ensuring it lasts for an impressive 12 months or even longer. Though it may come with a slightly heftier price tag, the superior quality and longevity of Virgin+ Hair make it a wise investment for anyone seeking the ultimate hair transformation.

virgin+ hair source and marerial

Learn why you should choose Virgin+ Hair with the following comparison.

Comparison of hair scales of virgin hair and virgin+ hair

Virgin+ hair extensions are made from the healthiest hair from one single donor, selected from all donor hair. All the hair strands are facing in one direction from the roots to the ends.

vivien virgin hair and virgin+ hair compare
  • From the same undyed hair donor
  • No chemical processing to avoid damage
  • The hair is naturally detected and the best is selected

v+ Hair Extensions Advantages

Why Choose Genius Weft?

genius weft hair extensions

1. Very Thin

The overall weft thickness is the same as hand tied weft extensions, very thin, no more than 0.7mm. Therefore it will be very invisible and flat after installation and very hair friendly.

2. Can be Cut

Breaking the restriction that hand tied hair weft cannot be cut, genius weft can be cut at will and no hair will fall out. Installation is more flexible, you can install it to the thinning hair area.

3. No Return Hair

Genius weft hair extensions are not woven by hand, so there is no need to knot the hair on the weft, so there is no return hair, avoiding return hair contacting the hair and causing allergy or itchy symptoms.

Tips for Wearing Hair Weft Extensions

  • Connect your wefts with micro loops
  • Should be completely dry when installed 
  • Start at the edge and weave to the middle
  • Can be glued to your hair weft (allergy test required)
  • It can also be worn by sewing the clips to the weft and then cutting them to different widths as needed.
remy human hair weft real human hair extensions can be last for 3-6 months blend well with your hair

How to wash your hair extensions?

  • Use clean and mild water

  • Air dry is best to the extensions

  • Gentle massage is best, do not pull

  • Conditioner is necessary
tape in hair human hair extensions can last for 3-6 months silky straight no shedding and no split

How to care for hair extensions?

  • How to brush it?

  • Can I wear it to sleep?

  • How to dry hair extensions?

  • What kind of shampoo should I use?
how to care hair extensions
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Very happy with my purchase!

I recently purchased these weft extensions to try & take a break from tape ins since they were irritating my scalp & were just messy in general. So I bought these wefts, 5mm beads, & the tools needed to install the weft & had my sister do it for my. Can I just say how much TIME & energy we saved by doing this method! My hair had NO DAMAGE! I washed it all the time & the hair held up decently. I probably washed it more than I should have though lol. The quality is actually good considering how cheap they are, you just have to use the right products, and I've found that as long as I give them the proper care, they look and feel nice for about 2 installs. I even colored them with Demi permanent hair color & it took the hair color really well!!!

Hunter Sorensen
I feel like I’m married to Ice-T

Supper cute it was easy to instal and gave my hair lots of volume

Look great! Th

I recently purchased the Vivien-in Hair Extensions in Light Blonde Highlighted Golden Blonde, and I am beyond impressed. The quality of the Virgin human hair is exceptional – soft, silky, and remarkably natural-looking. The color blend is perfect, creating a beautiful highlighted effect that seamlessly integrates with my own hair. I appreciate the attention to detail in these extensions, from the precise color matching to the overall durability. Whether for a special occasion or daily wear, the Vivien weft-in Hair Extensions are a fantastic investment for anyone looking to elevate their hairstyle effortlessly. Highly recommend for those seeking a luxurious and natural extension experience!

Highly recommend!

I absolutely love this product! I am trying to grow out my hair and wanted to have some extra length in the meantime. It is super easy to install (after watching a few TikTok tutorials lol) and you can barely tell it's there! I was a little hesitant about picking out a color online, but if you take a picture of your hair with flash and compare it to the online colors it makes it super easy to pick. I was shocked on how well it blended with my hair when I first installed it.

stacey fox
Real hair!

The product is exactly what the description says.