Why Should Salons Choose Vivien Virgin Hair?

Why Should Salons Choose Vivien Virgin Hair

Why Should Salons Choose Virgin Hair?

When it comes to hair extensions, different people may make different choices. You can choose synthetic hair extensions, real hair extensions, or virgin hair extensions. While all of these options have their own benefits, virgin hair extensions are usually the best choice. This is especially true for hair extensions and salons.

Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated or processed in any way. This means it is very strong and healthy, and gives the most natural look and feel.

If you are a professional hair extension stylist or you own a professional hair extension salon, here are some of the benefits of carrying virgin hair.

Virgin hair is healthy and untreated

For most clients who definitely want their hair extensions to be healthy, then virgin hair would be the best choice. This type of hair has not been exposed to any harsh chemicals or treatments and the hair scales are intact, therefore it will not damage the client's natural hair. This means that it is stronger and more durable than other types of hair and can be styled just like your own natural hair.

Virgin hair comes in a very wide range of types and colors

Virgin hair is also available in a wide range of types and colors, including regular tape in hair, injection tape in hair, machine weft, flat weft, hand tied weft, genius weft, i tip hair, u tip hair and hair bulk. The colors are also very comprehensive and customization is supported. If you are a salon client, then these categories and colors can definitely help your business flourish.

Virgin hair is more durable and lasts longer

Regular Remy hair usually lasts 3-6 months with very good maintenance, but Virgin hair lasts more than 6 months, or even 1 year.

For the salon, it may seem less cost effective because the client's hair extensions are replaced less frequently.

On the contrary, customers do not reduce the frequency of installing hair extensions very significantly. On the one hand, aesthetic fatigue occurs over time, so in order to increase the freshness, customers will replace their hair extensions less frequently than the time of use. On the other hand, after the hair extensions are installed for a period of time, as the hair grows, the head of the extensions hidden at the roots will be exposed, and this is when the customer will definitely go back to the salon to re-install them.

Lower maintenance costs for high quality virgin hair extensions

 Due to the better quality, the experience of using virgin hair is pleasant for the customer and there is no loss due to the quality of the product. Basically virgin hair does not create some of the problems that remy hair has, such as tangles, frizz, etc. This way, customers will not ask for after-sales or refunds due to quality issues, and hairdressers and salons do not need to spend time cost and manpower to appease customers. And the customer is satisfied and approved of the hair, the salon and hair extensions technology has good positive feedback, more improve the reputation of the salon, customers will continue to come to this salon to install hair extensions, more likely to introduce more friends to install hair extensions, then, your salon business will be better, your business to the next level.

All in all, virgin hair is definitely good for your salon, so if you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us.

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