Genius Weft Hair VS Hand Tied Weft Hair

genius weft vs hand tied hair weft

2022 New Hair Extension Trend - Genius Weft

There are many types of hair extensions, hair weft is one of the very popular types, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it.
Usually the types of hair weft are ordinary machine weft, pure hand tied weft, flat weft.
They all have their own characteristics and advantages. However, our factory has developed a new type of hair extensions, genius weft, which has been greatly improved from the production process to the wearing experience.
Now, let's learn more about the features of the new hair extensions.
What is genius weft?
In terms of appearance, genius weft hair extensions and hand tied weft are very similar, they are a good substitute for each other, both are very thin bundles and are the best quality Virgin hair. light and invisible is their biggest advantage.
What is the difference between genius weft and hand tied hair weft?
The hand tied hair weft is made by hand by skilled workers who knot each strand of hair on the weft in order to make the bundles strong and sturdy, using longer hair than the actual length, so it has about one inch of return hair. The return hair is at the root of the entire hair bundle. For most people, this return hair has no effect, but for customers with sensitive scalp, it is inevitable that they will experience allergies and itching when they come into contact with the scalp.

hand tied hair weft

Genius Weft does not have the above situation at all. The production process of Genius weft breaks the previous traditional hand tied hair weft production process, it is no longer purely hand woven, but tightly compiled together by machine, without any return hair, which is more friendly to people with sensitive scalp.
An additional surprise is that the Genius weft takes much less time to make than the Hand tied hair weft. The machine is certainly faster than manual, which ensures adequate stock and speed of coming stock.
In terms of weaving method, Hand tied hair weft still has two weft threads at both ends after it is finished, and these two weft threads cannot be cut at all, and the whole bundle cannot be cut from the middle, once cut, it will cause the whole weft to fall apart and the hair will fall off. In addition, because the hand tied hair weft is semi-permanently fixed on the head, it would be a very bad consequence if the weft breaks accidentally in the face of prolonged wear and use, but usually there is no need to worry too much about this extreme situation, the weft of our hand tied hair weft is very strong and will not break in normal use.

genius weft virgin hair

Genius weft hair is made using a new machine weaving method that can be cut to the length you want at will and will not come apart and fall off, allowing more freedom to choose where to install it on your head and fit your scalp very well.
In terms of wearing experience, genius weft hair and hand tied hair weft are also very light and thin, but genius weft hair is a little more dense. If you want to match your client with some more stunning colors, choose hand tied hair weft for better results because they are thinner and not as dense, leaving a gap between the hair and the hair strands, which mixes the different colors of hair better. Of course you want to use Genius weft hair to match a different color effect is also possible, but for adding thickness and length to the hair, it is more advantageous than hand tied hair weft.
Having said that, I don't know if you're impressed?
Do you want weft hair that is light and can be cut at will?
Do you want weft hair without return hair?
Then stay tuned! We'll be adding this category soon and we're sure you'll love it.
Stay tuned to our website for updates on when the new products hit the shelves and we'll be offering extra discounts and surprises on the new categories!


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