How to Make Hair Extensions More Layered

How to Make Hair Extensions More Layered

How to Make Hair Extensions More Layered

One of the primary reasons women purchase hair extensions is to increase the length and volume. When you wear hair extensions that are exactly as long as natural hair, they appear flat and too uniform. You can create a thick and high-volume look by using extensions of the same length. Hence, in this guide, we will explore how layering hair extensions with different lengths can create a beautiful and soft finish.

Some women have naturally long hair due to the growth rate and cycle of each strand. When they get a blunt haircut, they will notice its shape naturally changes because of the growth cycle.

How to Make Hair Extensions More Layered

How To Create Layers?

You need to create layers to make the extensions look natural and sexy after installation. The extensions can become light, flowy, and bouncy when the layers have been created according to the desired style. The layers will be extremely light, and your ends will not look blunt when the extensions are ordered in different lengths like 18, 20, and 22.

Those who want layers in hair extensions without cutting them in different lengths should choose the top layer 12 inches, the bottom 18 inches, and the middle bundle 14 inches. Shears can be used to texturize the ends. However, layers can be created through this method without the requirement of cutting a lot of hair.

Although hairstylists should know the best way of layering hair extensions with different lengths, if you stellated the extensions, then experiment with cutting. Natural layers can be created at home using simple methods without getting assistance from a hairstylist.

Here is the list of the things that you need to create soft and sexy layers:

    - Razor comb

    - Elastic bands

    - A pair of sharp shears or hair-cutting shears.

The following directions are mentioned for extensions. But you can use these directions for a wig or a mannequin head as well. Make sure to wear the wig and make the hairstyle that you generally prefer. Follow the steps accordingly.

1 - Firstly, create sections on the bottom part of the hair. You have to braid it so that the part looks completely different from the rest of the hair. Remember this section of the extensions will not be cut.

2 - In 2 elastic bands create sections for the middle and the top part of the hair.

3 - While standing in front of a mirror, you should hold the middle ponytail. Then, to see what is going on, you need to bring the ends of the hair to the head’s top. You have to use your fingers as a guide.

4 - Using the fingertips, you have to angle the fingers pointed towards the ceiling. Cautiously cut two inches of hair off using the sharp shears.

5 - Repeat this process on the top part of the ponytail.

How to Make Hair Extensions More Layered

Add Layers To Thick Hair

Want to know the best way of layering hair extensions with different lengths? The following method will help you get soft and horizontal layers while maintaining the actual length of your hair. Those who have fine natural hair combined with hair extensions will prefer cutting long layers in their hair.

Fine and straight hair might appear stringing due to horizontal layers. Here is the best way to add layers to thick hair:

1 - Take the bottom part of your hair. Section it out and create a braid so that it will not get cut in the process of layering.

2 - Starting from the top, you should section the hair in 3 vertical parts in the head to the base before creating braids. At the very beginning of the head, you need to tie the elastic.

3 - You can use the fingers as a guide. After taking the needs, you should angle the fingers up towards the ceiling. Then, cut 2 inches off the ends.

4 - Repeat this process for the remaining two sections.

These processes of layering hair extensions with different lengths can add beautiful soft texture and dimensions. Moreover, your hair won’t look thinner than it was before the layering process.

Most women avoid adding layers to thick hair because they think it will make the hair look huge and unnatural. However, when you start by trimming only 2 inches and increase little by little, the layers will look natural and beautiful.

Benefits Of Layers

Adds Body

Your tresses can get plenty of body with the help of the layering process. Moreover, it can give you a new hairstyle without changing the look drastically.

Adds Texture

Even when the hair extensions look fine and perfect, you should use the layering process to add texture to the hair and get an edgy appearance.

Blends Your Extensions

Through the layering process, your short hair can get mixed with long hair extensions. Those who are using clip-ins must add layers to blend the extensions into their natural hair.

Compliments Your Face Shape

The features of your face can be enhanced with the help of the layering process. Moreover, you can conceal some facial features. You should get the help of a hairstylist to add layers based on the shape of the face.


We hope now you understand the best way of layering hair extensions with different lengths. You can do this process at home by starting with trimming 2 inches of hair off. However, a hairstylist can help you get the layers based on the shape of the face and type of extension.


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