Vivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair Hacks

Vivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair Hacks

Christmas and New Year are getting closer and closer. There will be countless holiday parties, family gatherings, New Year's celebrations, company annual meetings, Christmas parties, and many more events to attend for Christmas. If you're like us and your days are busy and full and you don't have time to prepare your hair and makeup for the holidays, then you may use some of the hairstyles in this article to help you get a quick, simple and beautiful hairstyle. That way you won't have to waste time on pre-event preparations and can have more time to enjoy the party and have fun!

Easy hairstyle #1: High bun

 Vivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair Hacks

If your hair is curly and messy and you don't have time to do better with it, and if you want a clean and fresh hairstyle, then a high bun is definitely for you. Don't worry that it's too simple and boring, we can add a little ingenuity to the hairstyle.

First you need to gather all your hair together and tie it into a casual high ponytail. You can leave some bangs and other broken hair to modify the shape of your face, this can be adjusted according to your preference.

Then put the loose hair up and secure it with a leather band to form a full bush. A simple hairstyle is complete.

Of course you can braid your ponytail into a twist and then coil it up and secure it with a leather band so that your bush looks even more chic.

Finally, you can add some shiny hair accessories and small clips so that the hairstyle looks very sophisticated.

Easy hairstyle #2 Curl Your Hair

Have you ever looked at the clock and realized you spent just a little too much time on Instagram before getting ready and just don't have time to curl your hair? It's no secret that hair extensions are a super easy way to take your hair game to the next level.

You can buy vivien hair in advance and style it for the holidays and install it right away.

Vivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair Hacks

Easy hairstyle #3 Small Change

Many times we are so used to maintaining a hairstyle that even your hair has a memory and without doing anything special, it becomes your usual hairstyle.

It only takes a small change to make a noticeable difference and give your hair more layers and volume.

If you normally have a medium parting, then it's great that you can wear a side parting, because it's not your usual hairstyle, so when you comb it to the side, it will look very voluminous with the roots up, and to give her better hold, you can spray some styling spray slightly at the roots.

Likewise, if you feel that this hairstyle is rather monotonous, you can add some small accessories to decorate it.

Vivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair HacksVivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair Hacks

Easy Hairstyle #4: Accessories

Ladies, even if your hair doesn't look its best or you don't have time to go to your holiday party, a simple hair accessory can make you look like you've spent hours on your hair.

There are two more popular ways to do this.

One is to take the top half of your hair and tie it into a small bun, tie it as high as possible, and then pair it with a shiny accessory and you're done.

The other is to use a ribbon, color and pattern just to your liking, and then mix it with your hair to turn it into a side twist.

Vivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair Hacks

Easy hairstyle #5: Half Updo Hairstyles

If all hope is dashed and you're really stuck for time and don't know what to do with your hair, then this next hairstyle is absolutely the best and will look totally bomb at your holiday or Christmas party. It looks chic, it's stylish, and best of all, it only takes 5 minutes to do.

Just gather the part of hair above the ears on each side and blow it up backwards. Whether you wear it with a hair accessory or tie it up in a cute bud, it's a sophisticated hairstyle that's very popular, especially in 2022, and you can swipe very many similar hairstyles at Tik Tok.

What's your favorite hairstyle to get ready quickly this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

Vivien Hair 5 Holiday Hair Hacks


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