Q&A on Common Hair Problems

Q&A on Common Hair Problems

Q&A on Common Hair Problems

The warmer season is right around the corner but also faces a problem, spring can sometimes make for a windy season. Temperatures and high winds can bring many hair-related problems, from dryness to lack of volume, so we've done some Q&A. Read on to see if your questions are better answered.

Will trimming my hair really help it grow?

trimming my hair
Okay, we get it, it seems counterintuitive to trim your hair an inch or two every six to eight weeks if you want to grow it long, but is that really a myth? For years, I tried to grow my hair long, but it didn't work. None of my hair would grow to a certain length no matter what I did. I often skipped regular trims hoping it would help my hair grow faster, but instead, my split ends got worse and my hair became so damaged that I ended up cutting it off.
The truth is, while trimming your hair may not help it grow faster, it will help it grow stronger. In other words, regular trimming will prevent split ends from moving further up the hair shaft, which can lead to flyaways, frizz, and overall brittleness. Think of it this way: when you trim your hair regularly, you're nipping problems in the bud. This allows your hair to grow because it will be stronger and not break from the mid-shaft.

Why is my hair getting oily so quickly?

hair getting oily

Your hair can become oily for a number of reasons, but it basically boils down to the fact that some people produce more oil than others. Oil is produced by the sebaceous glands on your scalp; it keeps your scalp healthy and moisturized, leaving your hair soft and shiny. However, if your hair feels greasy soon after washing, or if you notice that the roots look flat all the time, your scalp may be producing too much oil.
Straight hair is more likely to be oily than wavy or curly hair because the oil on your scalp flows more easily to the ends and tips of your hair compared to curly hair. Also, over-washing your hair can lead to a vicious cycle because if you wash your hair out, your scalp may be forced to produce more oil. If you are a compulsive hair toucher, beware! Playing with your hair a lot can lead to the transfer of oil from your hands, so it's best to try to let go of your hands to avoid messing up your hair.
To avoid greasiness, try to train your hair by washing it less often. You can also use a dry shampoo between washes to absorb excess oil and give your hair some volume at the roots.

How do I keep my hair voluminous and textured?

hair voluminous and textured

If you're a hat lover, it must bother you to have your well-done hairstyle collapsed by a hat. I know the feeling! It's frustrating to spend hours in front of the mirror styling your hair only to take the hat off and realize it looks flat.
My favorite way to maintain volume and texture is to use a thickener or dry shampoo at the roots, even if your hair is freshly washed. A good product will help hold your hair in place, like a memory sponge, so when you take your hat off, you can use your fingers to curl your hair and reignite the lift! You can also try wearing hat hairstyles to minimize maintenance. Not only are they very easy to achieve, but they also look very sophisticated.

What foods should I eat for healthy hair?

healthy food healthy hair

Now, it's probably no surprise that the substances you put into your body affect everything from your hair to your skin. You can use all the right products and minimize heat styling, but if you're not nourishing yourself properly from the inside, you're not going to live your best hair life! I noticed that once I started eating the right foods, the rate at which my hair started to grow changed dramatically.
If you want to help accelerate hair growth, try adding healthy proteins to your diet, such as eggs with biotin, one of the main proteins in hair. Berries, sweet potatoes, and spinach, as well as healthy fats like avocados and nuts, are also good for promoting hair growth.

My hair is always getting dry. What can I do?

We know that if there is a lack of moisture in the air, everything from your hair to your skin will dry out. Although my hair is naturally greasy, I still struggle with dry, brittle hair. So, what's a girl to do? I find that using a hair mask once a week at least, and using a hair oil daily helps keep hair hydrated and soft. It's also a good idea to avoid heat styling your hair whenever possible, as this can dry it out further, and instead opt for a non-heated style. For a strong nutrient boost, apply some coconut oil to the ends of your hair and leave it on overnight while you sleep. Rinse it out in the morning and your hair is instantly soft and shiny!


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