How Long Can Hair Extensions Last?

Generally speaking, hair extensions are divided into virgin hair, remy hair, synthetic hair. Hair lasts differently for different sample types.

  • Virgin hair is unprocessed human hair that has not undergone any chemical changes and cleaning processes, such as perming, dyeing, dyeing, bleaching, and chemical treatment.
  • Remy hair is also human hair, but the hair is cut off by different donors, so the hair is crossed between the top and the end resulting in easy tangling. After the acid treatment, one layer of scales on the hair is removed, so that it will not be knotted, but the longevity life will be shortened.
  • Synthetic hair is synthetic is made of humans, can’t do any styling, and vulnerable to heat and sun damage, easy to tear when cleaning.

virgin tape in hair extensions

Virgin Tape In Hair Extensions 

Tape in hair extensions is just like its name implies, which is tape on the sides of your natural hair without any damage. They are quite popular because it does not require heat or tools, and they are also very removable.

How Long Do They Last?
Tape In hair extensions will last anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on how often they are styled or how well they are cared for. If taken care of well when your natural hair grows back, it can be re-taped just like new, and hair can last longer.

 Virgin Nail Tip Hair Extensions

Virgin Nail Tip Hair Extensions 

Nail tip hair extensions as the same as fusion hair extensions. They are attached to the root of your hair with a tool which similar appearance to a hot glue gun. This tool attaches hair to individual strands of your natural hair for a thicker, fuller-looking appearance.

How Long Do They Last?

Depending on how well you treat them, they normally last up to 3- 4 months. How you wash your hair or how you style your new locks with heating tools will affect this. The right hair extension brush is also essential. If properly cared for, hair can last longer.

 remy clip in hair extension

Remy Clip In Hair Extensions 

Clip-in Hair Extensions are great as they can be clipped in and styled in minutes and are probably the easiest to use. you can do the wearing on your own. They come in wefts that have discrete clips attached to the base that can be simply attached to your natural roots and won't be seen out.

How Long Do They Last?

If you use your clip-in hair extensions daily and take good care of them, they can last anywhere between 3-12 months. If you only wear for occasions or events, then even can last a year.

 remy micro link hair extensions

Remy Micro Links

Micro loop hair extensions are applied by taking small sections of natural hair and attaching tiny tips of the hair to it. The micro ring method is particularly popular as it is a reusable method; this means you can have the same hair refitted many times. No heat or glue is involved in this method.

How Long Do They Last?  

They can last 3-5 months depending on your hair type and natural growth rate. Because these beads are attached to the roots of your natural hair, it is important to treat them with extra caution and use natural products. If properly cared for, hair can last longer.

Hair extensions are a very simple way for you to change the look of your hairstyle, it will make your hair look longer and fuller. The longer they will last if you are willing to take the time to care for them properly and wear them correctly.

But how to care? Here are some tips for you.
1. Never brush your roots.
2. Use the right care products.
3. Use cold water to wash.
4. Let it dry naturally.
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