How Do I Curl My Hair?

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How Do I Curl My Hair?

 Hair extensions are really useful, aren't they? It can solve a lot of your hair troubles. Adding thickness to your hair, lengthening it, changing its color, etc. You can achieve a lot of ideas with hair extensions.
But maybe you are not satisfied with that, you want it to have more different curls to achieve more hair effects, but many hair extensions sold in the market are straight, so how to curl hair extensions is a good question.

Do curly hair extensions damage them?

We pay a high price for hair extensions and of course we don't want them to break soon, so the first question we have to consider is if curling hair extensions will damage our hair.

What you should know is that repeated heating of the hair is bound to have an effect on hair extensions. Hair extensions are hair that has been cut from our head and it can no longer absorb nutrients and moisture from our scalp. Repeated heating will cause the hair to lose moisture faster and damage the hair scales, which will cause irreversible and superimposed damage to the hair, and then the life of the hair will be greatly shortened.

Of course, do not worry too much about such problems, there are still appropriate protection measures and solutions.

curl hair extensions

What are the ways to curl my hair?

There are two ways to curl your hair. One is heated curling and the other is unheated curling.

I believe you have a lot of experience with how to use a heated curling iron, so I won't go into too much detail. I will only briefly mention a few points that need attention when heating.

  • 1. keep your hair dry before curling
  • 2. Curling iron temperature should not exceed 160 ° C / 320 ° F
  • 3. curling iron in the same position do not stay too long
  • 4. Always use a heat protection agent to minimize heat damage to hair extensions.
  • 5. If you are installing tape in hair, do not heat it close to the root.

If you want to curl your hair without heat, then you can choose a more handy tool to help you.

  • Using Velcro Rollers
  • Using Flexi Rods
  • Snail Rollers

     Using Velcro Rollers

Using Flexi Rods

Snail Rollers

Or you can do it the easiest way, and that is to keep your hair in braids all night long.

Some tips.

1. If you use a no-heat tool or braid to curl your hair, install the tool and braid your hair while it is wet. This way the curl of the hair will be more visible.
2. Different curl levels may require different tools, so you can choose the kind of tool that works best for you to operate.

How can I make my curls last longer?

  • 1. If your hair is fine and soft, then it is recommended that you roll smaller rolls, tighter rolls that last a little longer.
  • 2. After curling your hair, use hairspray, elastomer or styling spray to set your hair, then your curls will last well all day.
  • There is no doubt that heated curls last longer, but I personally do not recommend this method for hair.
  • 4. use invisible or nice clips to fix some curls.
  • Do not comb your hair immediately after curling, especially with a close-toothed comb. Please reduce the number of times you comb your hair.

Now that you've finished curling your hair and have a brand new hairstyle, go share it with your friends and girlfriends!


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