Hair Topper Getting Started Guide

hair topper before and afterHair Topper Getting Started Guide

Hair topper is definitely a great invention for people with a thinning head or a very backward hairline. If you are currently suffering from baldness or a thinning head, you should definitely consider Hair toppers.

If you don't know much about hair topper now, then this article will be of great help to you.

What is hair topper?

A HAIR TOPPERS is also known as a half wig or a top piece. It is an accessory that covers the top of your head. This is useful when your hair starts to thin significantly. However, the coverage you need may vary, depending on how large the affected area on your scalp is.

The size of Hair toppers may vary. If you are losing a lot of hair rapidly on the top of your head, you may need a large hair topper.

What if I pick the size of the base size?

We have written about Hair toppers in our previous blogs and you can easily find out how to choose a base size in there.


Hair toppers are designed to supplement your existing hair. This is because a HAIR TOPPERS does not completely replace your natural hair. It only covers the balding areas of the scalp. Therefore, you need to choose the right color in order to blend better with your hair. So, how do you choose a more suitable color? You can contact us with a photo of your hair and we can help you match the right color.

hair topper before and after

Why should I use hair toppers?

Hair loss is a normal occurrence. Age is one aspect of the problem. Modern life with very irregular diet and rest is also a major cause of hair loss. Work stress is also one of the culprits.

Hair loss can be very stressful to a person's psyche. When a person develops a hair loss problem, she loses very much self-confidence, becomes unsocial and depressed. There is no need to struggle with not knowing how to cover up baldness or hair loss naturally, hair toppers are a product that was created specifically for this problem.

What is the difference between wigs and hair toppers?

There are many distinct differences between the two. One is that a hair topper is smaller than a wig. a hair topper is designed to cover only the thinning hair on the top part of the head.

Some people also consider hair toppers more comfortable than wigs. This is because they are more breathable and lightweight due to their smaller sections. They are also easy to wear on hot and humid days, especially in the summer.

On the other hand, wigs can cover the head completely. Wigs are very useful when the person using them has lost most of the hair on his or her head. Unlike wigs, hair toppers are only clipped to the bald area of the head.

What are the hair toppers made of?

These handy hairpieces come in different styles, sizes, lengths and thicknesses. All of Vivien's current HAIR Hair toppers are made using 100 percent real hair.

The thickness of the hair used in hair toppers also varies. But usually, it depends on how thick your natural hair is.The color of hair toppers mostly resembles the color of one's natural hair. This is to allow the hair toppers to blend in properly with the natural hair.

hair topper before and after

How do I maintain my hair toppers?

Proper and correct maintenance will make hair toppers last longer.

hair topper does not need to be washed as often as your own natural hair. This is because hair topper does not get greasy and oily as often. Although they are real hair, they have been cut from the scalp and do not produce oil, plus it does not come in contact with the scalp as much as it should.

It is recommended that you wash your hair toppers once every two weeks. this may sound strange and infrequent, but it is actually quite normal. If you wash your hair toppers as often as you wash your natural hair, chances are that it will dry it out. Once this happens, it will reduce the lifespan of your wig.

Another way to make it last longer is to store your hair toppers in a box when not in use. This way, your hair toppers won't collect dust or debris that can cause damage in the long run.

Sulfate-free shampoos can help your hair toppers stay moisturized and not dry out quickly. These types of shampoos will not strip oils from your hair. You will also need to use conditioner regularly to ensure your hair stays soft and long.

hair topper before and after

How long does hair toppers last?

With good and proper care, your hair toppers can last longer than usual. On average, hair toppers can last anywhere from 6 months to over 1 year. You can extend its lifespan by not washing it as often as your natural hair.


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