In our last hair topper blog, we mentioned what sizes our current products are available in and how to choose how big to measure and what size you need. But in some of the recent feedback we have received from customers, there will be people wondering why they received a thin hair topper? Why do the front and back of the hair topper look the same and don't know how to tell the front from the back? And so on some questions.

Now, we are going to answer these questions one by one. If after reading this blog, you know how to choose and learn more about the top of the hair, then we have achieved our goal!


Question 1: I can't see the top part of my head, how do I measure it?

There are several simple methods to try. One is to get help from family or friends to measure and tell them the method. I know, you will be shy or embarrassed, okay, so come and try self-sufficiency. Place the phone above the head, find a place to fix it, a small suggestion to fix it tighter, or it may hit your head? And point the camera at the top of your head. Click start video, take a ruler to measure under the camera, and when it's over, watch the video back and you'll get the data you want. I have tried this method and it is much more accurate than taking blind measurements by yourself. What is a blind test? It is the use of no tools, except for the ruler. With the feel to manipulate the ruler to determine the extent of the missing part. Of course, this is the easiest way, no one!


Question 2: Why are there only three sizes for the hair top, can you add some sizes?

We did a survey before we finally settled on the three universal sizes. Most of the women's situation is applicable to these three sizes, in fact, the medium size is used as well as the frequency of the order is the highest. If the large size 13 * 13cm is still too small, I suggest you consider a wig set.


Question 3: I received the hair top is very thin, which is too much different from the picture displayed on the website.

I understand the shock of receiving the goods and the feeling of receiving deception. When we first decided to do ultra-thin models of hair tops, there is an expectation that they will not be recognized by everyone, and will be questioned about the quality. But we insist on doing it because we want to change the inherent impression of hair tops! The hair topper doesn't have to be thick and heavy, it doesn't have to look full. Natural and breathable is the trend. Try to imagine a hot summer day, you wear a heavy hair top outside playing or swimming on the beach vacation, wearing cool, but only the head of the heat is difficult to disperse, smothering your head itchy, and even cause folliculitis, you still want to continue to have fun? And our hair top, light to no existence, but still be able to solve your problems, even the hottest summer. Of course, light and thin do not mean bad quality, no hair loss, no knots, these are the advantages visible to the naked eye! All of our hair tops are hand-hooked stitch by stitch, the biggest advantage of hand is natural! We can do your natural hair completely blended into one!


Question 4: How do you distinguish between the front and back of the hair topper, and there is no split seam

When we design, taking into account the different requirements of the split seam, so we deliberately added the idea of free splitting. After receiving the product, customers only need to follow the video/card we gave to operate, they will be able to quickly divide the seam to suit their needs. As for how to divide the front and back? You will surely understand at a glance at the picture below.


Question 5: Why is there a lot of baby hair next to the mono base?

This is again our unique technology - Return Hair. I know some experienced hair toppers who have gotten their hands on different brands of hair toppers, and without exception, they all have a very clean finish next to the base and look great. In fact, there is a big downside to such a process, which is that it can lose hair. I'm not going to analyze the process of other brands or anything, I'll just tell you the reason we do back pinning and you'll be able to understand. A hair top size is 12 inches, we chose 14 inches of material hair to make, you see the baby hair like part, is the top of the raw material to do the fold, which ensures that the hair will not fall off, tight and BASE of the line wrapped together. We can guarantee that the hair will not have fallen out because we are confident in our craftsmanship and craftsmen.