Do You Want Vivien Virgin Hair Topper?

Do You Want Vivien Virgin Hair Topper?

Are you suffering from hair loss? Are you also sad about the baldness problem? Don't worry, and don't be too sad. Millions of women have the same problem of hair loss every year, so you are not alone! And there are very many Hair Toppers on the market now to choose from. These hair toppers can be very good at hiding baldness and hair loss problems and making you attractive again!

So the question is, with so many hair topper vendors on the market, which one is better?

Vivien Beauty Hair has always carried Hair Topper, and it's worth noting that Vivien hair is about to release a new, higher quality Hair Topper with better color, texture and Base compared to the regular Remy Hair Topper!

Hair Texture Upgrade

The hair texture of the regular hair topper is all remy hair, although remy hair is also 100% real hair, the hair has undergone a series of chemical treatment and the hair texture is not perfect. If your old Remy Hair Topper was dry and frizzy after 3 months of use, the new Virgin Hair Topper can even last twice as long because it's healthier!

Base Upgrade

Vivien Hair has always strived to provide better Hair Toppers, so our regular hair toppers are all hand-woven. Hair topper is produced using hair that is four inches longer than itself.
However, this creates a problem and does not provide a thicker density, so the density of the regular hair topper is 110%.
The new hair topper's base is a combination of hand and machine weaving that better solves this problem, and the new hair topper is thicker, has more volume, and has a thicker density.

Virgin Hair Topper will be available in two new base sizes. One is 6*7inch and one is 3*5inch.

The regular remy hair toppers will also be updated with the medium base hair topper, also changing to a 3*5inch combination of hand and woven type. It is thicker and bigger than the old version.

Color Upgrade

 Vivien's regular hair block colors are not particularly varied, with a small range to choose from. The new Virgin Hair Topper will feature some new colors that have never been available before. Maybe there's something you want!

At the Last

The new hair topper is the equivalent of small wigs in appearance. believe they will give you a whole new experience!
Are you looking forward to it? They'll be on the shelves within a month, so if interested, keep an eye on our website and promotional emails!



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