Do You Know About Bulk Hair Extensions?

Virgin Hair Bulk

Do You Know About Bulk Hair Extensions?

If you are a professional hair extensions artist or you own a salon, or if you are keen to produce hair extensions that are more personal, then bulk hair extensions will probably suit you.

What Are Bulk Hair Extensions?

Bulk hair is a bundle of hair tied by an elastic band, they are 100% natural human hair, Vivien bulk hair extensions are better quality virgin hair, they are better quality hair, smooth and tangle free, natural color can be bleached or dyed, and can make many types of hair extensions.

Virgin Hair Bulk human hair

Type of Hair Extensions Made with Bulk Hair Extensions

Most regular wearers are unable to create another product from loose hair because it takes time and skill to do so, but there are some handy clients who make their own.
Most of the hair bulk, which would be used in salons, are processed and fitted to the client's head by professional hair extensionists.
Usually bulk hair extensions are used to make Weft Hair, Tape in Hair, Clip in Hair, Pre-bonded Hair, Hair Topper, etc.

Materials For Bulk Hair Extensions

As with many other forms of human hair extensions, bulk hair is made from 2 main types of materials

Remy hair

Remy hair is hair that has undergone some dyeing and chemical treatment, and while the essence is 100% real hair, the hair scales have suffered some damage and are not as good as virgin hair in terms of experience over time.

Virgin hair

Virgin hair is hair that has been collected from a single donor. The hair strands are healthy and untreated, the hair scales are closed. Virgin hair is strong and durable enough to last for up to a year of extensions. virgin hair is the finest material in the hair industry. Vivien Hair's bulk hair extensions are made from 100% virgin human hair.

Virgin Hair Bulk blonde hair

What are the pros and cons of bulk hair?


1. Contains all the useful characteristics of virgin hair, which is intact and healthy.

Virgin hair is collected from human hair that is in tip-top condition. Most of the hair comes from European women who rarely have their hair done in salons, but are treated with natural formulas. As a result, the hair appears to be of perfect thickness and full texture. The hair lasts for more than a year after installation.

2. You can see that it starts to produce just like the original form for any type of hair that we usually know.

A large amount of hair, even without any physical treatment, comes in many colors and shapes. It has as much diversity as common hair extensions.

3. You can change the length or volume without touching the ends since the top of the extensions are not yet finished. We know many girls can't find the right length to wear, and even some extensions are too thick or too thin. Bulk hair extensions are more flexible.

Virgin Hair Bulk 100% human hair


We will see many benefits of buying a bundle of hair like that. However, they also contain some negative points.

This hair, for example, cannot be worn as soon as you buy it. You have to spend a long time dealing with a hairdresser before they can wrap those strands around your hair.

Wearing a loose wig means that you don't have to take it off as often. You have to put enough thought into keeping the application. However, this is not much harder than taking care of molded hair extensions. So it is worth your investment.

Bulk hair extensions may not be the most popular type of hair extensions. But it is more flexible and has great hair quality.
Even if you have to spend time on the salon application, at least, you will have new hair with the perfect length and volume as you want.


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