6 Quick and Easy Halloween Hairstyles

6 Quick and Easy Halloween Hairstyles

With Halloween just over three weeks away, a fun or great looking Halloween hairstyle will add a lot to your Halloween costume. Have you prepared in advance how to do your Halloween hairstyle? Or are you planning to choose the easiest last-minute hairstyle to spend your Halloween?
Of course, if you don't want to spend this holiday by changing your hairstyle, you can consider giving your hair a new color, which will be the quickest and easiest Halloween hairstyle.
Either way, the hairstyles I mentioned below may help you.

Style 1: Wavy Curls with Vibrant Colors

You can pair natural waves and dramatic colors for the perfect witchy hairstyle. Black orange purple are the most iconic colors for Halloween. If you want to know how to curl your hair, please go to the article "How do I curl my hair". A simple witch hairstyle is complete! Your Halloween spell will work extra well hahaha!

Style 2: Devil's Corner Hairstyle

This devil horns hairstyle is sure to stand out on Halloween. Wrap the hair around the horns to create a dark and dreamy look. The key is to use strong hairspray to hold the hair in place or use more leather ties to tighten it. This hairstyle is extraordinarily suitable for you who are counting on performing a show.

Style 3: Mini Cute Space Bun Hairstyles

Create an over-the-top Halloween hairstyle this year with a simple space bun. You can opt for two small space buns on top of your head with half of your hair hanging down. Or you can use two larger space buns to tie all your hair up. This look can be a costume in itself, as you can use this hairstyle and different makeup to create a variety of characters.

Style 3: Bubble Braids with Halloween Jewelry

Tie your hair into loose bubble braids, bubble ponytails and braids are always a fun way to add interest to a timeless staple hairstyle. Use a leather band to tie your hair into many sections, tugging slightly on the hair between two bands to loosen it into a bubble. You can pair the bubble with a skull hair accessory or use a bat or spider hair accessory out of the band. This is definitely the most Halloween atmosphere hairstyle!

Style 4: Pumpkin shaped bun hairstyle

For decades, the ballerina bun has been a classic hairstyle. This Halloween season change up the iconic hairstyle by creating a pumpkin with a makeshift orange hairspray. To get the perfect bun, tie your hair into a high ponytail and add a donut. Then wrap your locks around the donut and place a hair tie to hold it tightly in place. Wrap the rest of your hair and secure with bobby pins and strong styling hairspray.

Pumpkin shaped bun hairstyle

Style 5: Double Ponytail in 2 Colors

Comic book characters often have cute hairstyles and cool costumes. Harley Quinn is a shining example, with her signature pigtails that feature some blue and pink hair. This popular Halloween costume and hairstyle is sure to be  approved.

Harley Quinn Pigtails

Style 6: Cute Bambi Antlers Hairstyle

Use antler hair bows or local, dead branches from autumn to complete this cute little deer hairstyle. It's so cute and easy, don't you want to try it?

Halloween antler hairstyleVivien Halloween antler hairstyle










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