2022 Fall Hair Color Trends

2022 Fall Hair Color Trends

If you didn't keep up with the trend to change your hair color in the spring and summer, you don't want to miss it in the fall. Spring and summer colors are all about bright or vibrant colors and blondes that follow the vintage trend, but expect a transition to more comfortable shades and warmer tones for fall. This article will give you some fall hair color suggestions as well as trends to propel you fast forward to the salon to try out the fall hair colors.

1. Chestnut Brown

Smoky chestnut hair will be one of the popular hair color trends for fall. This rich and soft brown will be a top choice for cooler fall days. Chestnut brown will be a clear sign of entering fall. Whether it is a solid chestnut brown or Balayage chestnut brown, it will be perfect for fall.

Chestnut brown hair color

2. Balayage Blonde with Dark Roots

The transition from dark roots to blonde is more like a slow transition from summer to fall. This natural transition color not only allows the brightness of summer to continue, but also allows the warmth and comfort of fall to shine through.


balayage blonde with dark brown


3. Warm Reddish Brown

A hair color that is perfect for fall, completely replacing the bright color of summer. It makes the taste of autumn more intense. The understated and calm warm tone of dark brown blends perfectly into the autumn scenery.

4. Platinum blonde hair

This is one of the hair color trends to watch for fall 2022.

While you're sure to see plenty of warmed-up blondes this fall, we'd like to see the icy platinum blonde trend of the '90s continue into fall. After all, the cool strands are in stark contrast to the rich jewelry and earth-toned fashions that tend to dominate the season.

blonde platinum

5. Dark brunettes

No matter what your skin tone, deep black is the best match, even no matter what color you're wearing or what type of bag you're wearing. This color is very elegant and is one of the popular colors for fall.

jet black

6. Gold blonde hair

For those who want to welcome the new season without completely changing their look, you can do so simply by adding warmer, richer shades. Having some warm color is a fun way to give a nod to fall without being too dark. This will highlight their sun-kissed skin, but help hair look healthier and more cared for after these summer months.

7. Carnelian Copper

If you want to take the red tones a step further, you can opt for a vibrant copper color - a true fall classic. And, reds and coppers will get even bolder and brighter. Create your own look with a full range of colors, highlights or balayage.