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Micro Loop Hair Extensions Balayage Black Micro Beaded Hair Smooth Striaght Remy Hair #1B/Silver/1B

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Brand: Vivien
Hair Material: 100% Remy Human Hair
Color: #1b/silver/1b; #1b Off Black Fading to #silver and #1b Off Black.
Weight:14"-22";50/100pack; We highly recommend you buy 100g-150g to make thicker hair.
Texture: Silky and Straight. It's normal to appear natural wave after washing.

    color chart for micro loop

    What is Micro Loop Hair Extension?

    • The use of micro rings for long-term attachment is not easy to detect.

    • Feel soft, covert, and natural after using.

    • Easy to apply and take off with professional remover.


    How to Apply Micro Loop?

    • Tools Required

    • NO Glue NO Heat

    how to wear micro loop hair

    Some Advice for Beginners

    Advice for beginners

    Differences Between 5 Types of Pre-Bonded Hair

    Type Method Reusability Features Suitable Hair Types UsageTime
    I Tip Hot Fusions Super Solid Fine Hair

    12 Weeks

    U Tip Hot Fusions Super Keratin BOTH 12 Weeks
    Nano Ring Tools Required Super Fine Fine Hair 12 Weeks
    Micro Loop Tools Required Doesn't require heat or glue Thick Hair 12 Weeks
    Flat Tip Hot Fusions 360-degree movement Fine Hair 12 Weeks

    What is Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

    Micro loop hair extensions are quick and easy to apply. The tiny silicone-lined aluminum rings hold the extensions securely in place without the need for any harsh glues or chemicals. They are suitable for all hair types and can be applied to hair as short as 4 inches. These extensions are made from 100% human hair and can be styled as curly or straight as you wish.

    Why Choose Micro Loop Hair Extensions?

    1) No Glue and No Heat
    2) No damage is caused when fitting hair extensions to your natural hair
    3) No sewing is needed when fitting hair extensions to your natural hair
    4) The hair used for the hair extensions is reusable during future fittings
    5) Utilising mini micro rings ensures the hair extensions are always comfortable to wear
    6) Micro ring hair extensions easily adds length & volume
    7) Micro ring hair extensions can be very easily removed
    8)  Micro ring hair extensions are always very discreet

    How to Apply Micro Loop?

    • Tools Required

    • NO Glue NO Heat

    how to wear micro loop hair

    How to wash your hair extensions?

    • Use clean and mild water

    • Air dry is best to the extensions

    • Gentle massage is best, do not pull

    • Conditioner is necessary
    tape in hair human hair extensions can last for 3-6 months silky straight no shedding and no split

    How to care for hair extensions?

    • How to brush it?

    • Can I wear it to sleep?

    • How to dry hair extensions?

    • What kind of shampoo should I use?
    how to care hair extensions
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 71 reviews
    Judith Eveline

    I am very satisfied with my Purchase and will definitely be ordering all my extensions from this seller from now on! The quality of the hair is superb& worth every dime!These are great going to recommend to my sister and friends.Their customer service is absolutely amazing! I contacted them before buying and they not only matched you and me with the right color, but also recommended me the right hair extension. This definitely works for me!

    Donna Mark

    JUST ONE PIECE OF ADVICE:DO NOT use oils in your hair or put conditioner in your hair where the bead is. But you can cut dye style blowdry use gel mouse anything you would on your normal hair as you do with these. Washing is very easy. Just make sure you use a good product. I recommend revibe brand aloe spray detangling and their shampoo and conditioner sulfate free stuff

    Grace Eddie

    I have had many extensions through out my life, and I can say with out a doubt these are the best extensions for a great price!!!!!! I had a hard time picking the right color. I ordered some they didn't match( this was my error) the company reached out to me and asked if I needed help. Of course I said yes... I sent them a pic of my hair and they sent me a suggestion no where near what I had chosen myself or was about to buy again.They picked the most perfect color that completely matched my hair.

    Sabrina Harrington

    I could not be more happy with this product and the service!!!! I ordered three just to be on the safe side and it was just the right amount with a little left over.

    Lesley Acheson

    Perfect affordable set for cute long styles! I have medium length hair and I got bored of the hairstyles my length would allow. I bought two sets as my hair is not very long and very fine. This hair is soft and matched my color prefect.