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[150% High Density Upgrade] Human Clip in Lace Made Crown Large Hair Topper Hand-Made Darkest Brown Hair Without Bangs (#2)

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vivien large base hair topper

Vivien Toppers Human Hair Wiglets

  • DescriptionExperience the confidence and beauty of full, luscious hair with a Human Hair Topper. Say goodbye to small, embarrassing scenes caused by hair loss, gray hair, or damaged hair. With its discreet and small clips, it easily blends in with your natural hair without being noticed by anyone else. Fixing it takes mere seconds, giving you the perfect look and allowing you to go out and seize the day with complete confidence. Say hello to your new stunning and natural-looking hair, and wave goodbye to those frustrating hair problems for good.

  • Color :#2
  • Material: Mono Base Hand Made 100% Remy Human Hair Topper
  • Base Size: 13*13 cm(5*5inch)
  • Length: 10 Inch-20 Inch
  • Bangs or Not : Without Bangs
  • Density: New Upgrade 150% High Density
  • Customizable: base size, color, length. Please contact if you need.
  • Color Tips: Because of the different lights and monitors, there may have a few color differences between the real item and the picture, thanks for your understanding. We could recommend you suitable color.
  • Notice: Due to the shortage of hair toppers, we have expanded the production department, but different batches of products will be produced, and the number of clips may be different. Hope the buyer can understand.
Grams of remy Hair Topper

    What is Hair Topper?

    Transform your hair and regain confidence with Vivien Hair Topper! Say goodbye to hair loss, gray hair, and damaged hair with ease. The Hair Topper's discreet clips blend seamlessly into your natural hair, leaving you worry-free and ready to take on the day.
    Not only does the Hair Topper add thickness to your hair, but its lightweight design also allows your scalp to breathe, making it an effortless addition to your beauty routine. It's so comfortable and seamless that you'll forget you're even wearing it!

    Why Choose Vivien Hair Topper?

    1. Realistic appearance, others will only envy you for having a thick head of hair
    2. Good air permeability, let your hair have the beauty that breathes!
    3. Full handmade weave, each hair topper is a product made with care.
    Vivien hair toppers are made with hair that is 4 feet longer than its length. Compared to a regular hair topper, the return hair of Vivien hair toppers is longer and does not tend to lose hair.
    hair topper return hair

    High Quality 150% Density Hair Topper For Fine Hair

    Vivien has upgraded the density of our hair topper. 150% density hair toppers are thicker, have more volume, fuller overall, and look more natural and realistic at the seams than the common hair toppers on the market.

    150% Density hair topper can be customized

    How to Wear Hair Topper?


    Hair Guide: How to Part Seams

    how to split hairNotice: Three Tools Needed: Fine tooth comb, Spray/Water, Heater

    Hair Toppers Wash and Care

    1. Using a wide-tooth comb, comb through the hair, starting with the ends and working your way up to open up all the knots.
    2. Wash hair topper with sulfate-free shampoo and cool or warm water to form a rich lather, and rinse off shampoo with running water.
    3. Squeeze out excess water and apply conditioner, leaving it on the hair for 3-5 minutes, taking care that the conditioner does not touch base.
    4. It is best to let your hairpieces dry naturally on the mannequin head, as this is the gentlest on the hair strands.
    5. Please store them on the mannequin head to help keep their shape. Avoid direct sunlight. Store with the clips closed and not open.

    For more comprehensive care, check out the blog: Vivien Hair Topper Wash and Care Guide

    how to wash hair topper


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 150 reviews
    Rachel Whitney
    Amazing hair extensions

    Normally I have to dye my hair or extensions to be the right color. Not with these! Out of the package they looked really cheap and they folded the package in half for packing so they had weird creases. I can confirm this is human hair as I had to flat iron the creases out. When I put them in the ends we’re pretty blunt and didn’t blend well. So I curled just the ends and it not only fixed the blending issue it also looked more my my hair’s texture.These are great, but you have to work with them. If you have corse hair, frizzy, wavy etc anything but straight and thin these will probably be work. My natural hair is thin. Two packs would overwhelm my hair. One pack was perfect.Edit** the ends never looked right so I put them in and trimmed them to just below my natural length and I posted an updated picture. My husband was watching me style it and I said “I can’t believe how close these extensions are to my hair color and he said “you’re wearing extensions? I thought your hair just looked good today.” It’s the compliments for me. I never wanna take these out!

    Melissa Barnes
    Fourth purchase! Love them

    I loved this hair, it looks so real and feels so good and BLENDS PERFECTLY! I highly recommend you by this if your needing hair for an event or for some more volume! I’ve tried so many different brand and this one is my favorite !

    Helen Worley

    [150% High Density Upgrade] Human Clip in Lace Made Crown Large Hair Topper Hand-Made Darkest Brown Hair Without Bangs (#2)

    Very satisfied

    The color provided in the images were accurate to the physical product. Quality to price ratio did not disappoint.

    Stefany Torres
    Hair extensions

    Love the color, it is spot on to the color in photo. The length was perfect (15in) which added just the right amount of thickness to my hair. My hair is super thin and one package was perfect— looks so natural! 10/10Curls nicely.Also washes and dries nicely