Why Vivien clip in hair is a public favorite?

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Why Vivien clip in hair is a public favorite?

Clip Extensions provide an easy way to enhance your hair by adding instant length, volume, and style. These temporary hair extensions use tiny discreet clips to attach to your natural hair without causing damage or needing long term commitment, making them an affordable and convenient alternative to salon visits.

Vivien Virgin Clip-in and Volume Hair Extensions are both excellent options for adding instant length, volume, and style to your hair. Clip-in Extensions use small, discreet clips to attach to your natural hair and can be easily applied and removed. On the other hand Volume hair extensions use a thin invisible wire that sits on the crown of your head, providing a comfortable alternative that includes optional clips for additional security.

Absolutely! Vivien Extensions are made of 100% premium human hair, allowing you to style them with heat tools such as curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers for a flawless finish. For a more relaxed style, simply let them air dry to achieve an easy, beach wave look.

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Who Benefits from Human Hair Clip-Ins? 

Human hair clip in extensions are a versatile beauty tool embraced by a diverse group of individuals:

    • Beauty Enthusiasts: For those who love changing their look, clip-ins offer flexibility without commitment.
    • Event Goers: Be it weddings, proms, or special events, clip-ins provide an instant transformation.
    • Hair Recovery: Individuals experiencing hair thinning or loss can regain their confidence with human hair clip-ins.
    • Performance Artists: Actors, dancers, and stage performers can adapt their appearance effortlessly.
    • Everyday Convenience: For those busy mornings or sudden plans, clip-ins are a lifesaver.
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Varieties of Clip-In Hair Extensions

We offer Clip hair extensions in a variety of shades. What's also great about our 100% human hair extensions is that they can be dyed to any vibrant shade you want for personalization. From natural shades to vibrant custom colors that you create yourself, there is something for everyone.

Features of Buying at Vivien Extensions

Salon-Quality: Experience salon-quality extensions that offer a natural bounce and shine.
Durability: With proper care, they can last up to 6 months or more.
Portability: Not only are they easy to wear, they allow you to create a beautiful look in minutes. They are also easy to carry.

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Are clip-ins good for your hair?

Clip-in extensions are a safer option because they don't require any permanent bonding or weaving, but they can still cause hair loss if they're not used properly. If you wear clip-in extensions, be sure to take them out before going to bed, so your scalp has a chance to recover.

How long do clip-ins stay in your hair?

three to six months
If you take good care of your clip-ins and avoid damaging them, you can expect them to last anywhere from three to six months and more. To extend the life of your clip-in extensions, be sure to exercise some techniques regarding the installation and care after removal.

Can hair clips cause hair thinning?

As long as the hair clip is not too tight and is not causing tension on your hair or scalp, it is unlikely to cause any harm to your natural hair growth. However, if you wear hair clips too tightly or too often, it can cause damage to your hair and scalp, which can in turn affect hair growth.

Is it OK to wear clip in hair extensions everyday?

You can wear them daily without any discomfort, like scalp itching. Also, with some care, you can rest assured they won't damage your hair. But how long do extensions last if used every day? High-quality Clip-in extensions like those at Vivien typically look fabulous for four to six months if worn daily.








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