Which one is better: Tape or Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Which one is better: Tape or Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Which one is better: Tape or Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

There may be a question that many of you who use hair extensions are wondering about: "which is better - keratin or tape hair extensions?"

And well, it depends. I would say 90% of the time the method type that is best for you is based on your lifestyle.

Both tape and keratin tip hair extension are my tried and true, favorite semi permanent method types. I have found that they give the best looking results, are very comfortable, and are damage free for my Hair.

Let's take a look at the difference between the two:

Tape in hair extensions

Tape hair extensions are a sandwich application, using two tape panels that are sandwiched between real hair using medical grade tape. They are paper thin, flexible and lay at 0 degrees against the head. This method type lasts 6-8 weeks in the hair once installed.


Keratin Tip Hair Extensions

Keratin tip hair extensions are applied using a keratin bond that is heated up and rolled around the natural hair, coating it. They give 360 degree movement and are the most resistant to any liquids/oils. These are the longest lasting of the 2 method types, lasting about 3-6 months in the hair before needing removed.


So.... Which is best?

Like I said, it really depends on your lifestyle.


The biggest reason why someone would choose k-tips is for their long term wear and flexibility. For long business trips, can't make it to the salon every 6-8 weeks, and/or like the wearing their hair in different hairstyles a lot - I would recommend the keratin tip hair extensions. This way they can really get all the advantages of having k-tip extensions.


If your hair is very thin/fine, and/or need mega volume/coverage for a natural looking transformation, or simply need/want their extensions removed every 6-8 weeks for bleaching/color - I would recommend the tape hair extensions. Tapes are great for those with thinning hair because they can get more hair installed without overwhelming their scalp with the sandwich application, whereas keratin tips are a piece by piece application - so you can only apply as many pieces as hair on your head. Also, some people like to install new hairstyles often or need to do so.


As far as the final result looking natural: You can achieve a natural looking result no matter which method type. The most important thing is having the right about of hair and blending.

Ultimately it's up to you - you know what you want. But with the proper knowledge from a hair extension specialist, you can be guided to make the right choice for you, your life and your hair goals.







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