The Ultimate Guide to Weft Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know


weft hair extension

why they are a popular choice for hair

extension enthusiasts

The Traditional Weft hair extension is a multi-use, long-time favorite among stylists.
With reinforced stitching using a triple-head weft machine they are durable, shed-free
and 100% reusable. Made with 100% premium human hair.Wefts refer to the actual
extension hair– a collection of hair strands attached to a narrow strip of cloth. The wefts
may be hand tied or machine sewn, and can vary greatly in size and density. High-quality,
genuine human hair wefts are recommended for best results.
WEFT HAIR Virgin Flat Weft Hair solves all the problems of traditional wefts AND gives you all you
can imagine from a hair extension system.
  • Fast—30 minute Install
  • Lies flat against the head – No bumps
  • Can be cut to customize—No unraveling!
  • Super simple Install—No sewing! No glue!
  • Great for updos and high ponytails
  • 16"-24” long-double layer
  • 23 Shades are available
Machine weft extensions are stronger and more sturdily constructed than hand-tied weft
extensions. Because they have stronger seams and fewer knots, they can also endure
longer and shed less. Because they are weaker and more delicate, hand-tied weft
extensions are less durable than machine weft extensions.We can choose according to
our preference.
Machine-sew wefts are hair extensions that are created by sewing together strands of
high-quality human hair using a specialized sewing machine. These wefts are carefully
crafted to ensure durability, flexibility, and a natural look when installed in your hair. Made
from 100% high-quality human hair, Sew-in Machine Weft offers exceptional versatility and
a seamless blend with your natural hair. Neat And Tight Double Weft Hair Bundles, Which
Can Make Sure Our Product Contains More Hair, Easilier Keep Thickness Than Single
Weft Products In Market.
With our Sew-in Machine Weft, you can transform your look effortlessly. Suitable For Salon,
Party, Wedding, Graduation. BUT Please Do it Professional.
The term "hand-tied" pertains to the method of crafting hair extensions. Hand-tied wefts are
created by individually fastening hair onto the extension base and securing it in place by
hand-knotting. This technique results in an exceptionally robust yet significantly finer weft.
Consequently, this type of weft is highly suitable for individuals with thin hair.100% real
hand-tied virgin human hair, natural, silky, and soft. You can curl, straighten, and restyle it
just like your own hair. It is possible to dye the hair, but only from a lighter color to a darker
one. We recommend conducting a dye test on ONE piece before applying color to the
entire bundle.
Due to its exceptional quality, virgin hand-tied weft hair can last between 6 to 12 months
with proper care.
Shampooing Advice for Weft Hair Extensions
Use a tiny bit of shampoo in your palm to gently massage the length of the hair while
washing it. Never wash your hair in a circular motion since this might cause tangling.
After shampooing, use a downward motion to gently squeeze out the bubbles. The weft 
human hair extensions will remain in place even if this method of cleaning your hair is more
time-consuming and laborious.
    • To clean the scalp and the ends of the hair, use hair oil. Hair oil is effective in removing debris, impurities, and dust.
    • Only twice a week should the hair ideally be shampooed. Excessive shampooing might cause the weft to prematurely wear out.
your weft hair extensions over time. To maintain the hydration, lustre, and smoothness of
weft hair extensions, you need use conditioner. Instead of daily washing, you should wash
your weft hair extensions roughly three times every week.
Always blow-dry your hair before bed. If your hair is still damp, do not ever go to sleep. Weft
hair extensions can become more tangled and potentially damage your hair if they are
applied to wet hair. If your hair gets moist, mould may grow on it. To minimise tangling and
dry hair, use a hooded drier.
Washing weft hair extensions involves combining 1 teaspoon of moisturiser with 1/2 cup of
warm water, then thoroughly combining. The diluted solution is then added to a warm water
bath. Remember not to use sulfate-containing shampoos while caring for weft hair






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