Hair Toppers Tips: Return Hair And Base Type

Hair Toppers Tips: Return Hair And Base Type

Many of our customers are unaware of or misunderstand base and return hair when purchasing a hair topper. Now we are going to introduce the type of base and explain why there is return hair, hope this will help you to buy hair topper in the future.

Return Hair

Hair Topper is one of the best solutions for hair loss problems.

When people buy Vivien Hair Topper and receive it, they find a lot of short hairs on the hair topper, anger rushes to your head, you must think: why I spend so much money and get a broken hair topper, why so many short hairs, are all the hairs broken?

Please calm down and think carefully, why do we ship hair when we know there is so much short hair? These short hairs must have their uses, definitely not broken.

Why is there return hair on the hair topper?

The short hair is just caused by the technique we adopt to make the hair toppers. When the craftsmen make the toppers, they will tie hair through the base mesh to make the knots. So the knots will create two ends of the hair. The longer end will be the topper's hair. The shorter one is the hair return, which can be around 4” long in most of our hand-tied hair toppers.

Return Hair

Many hair toppers on the market have a hair return of only 2inch, which may appear to be knotted not firmly, therefore, 4inch return hair can be more firmly, the hair is not easy to fall off from the base.

For a 14" style length, a 18" strand of hair is required. The remainder of the knot or weft on the other side is the return. Compared to 2inch, 4inch hair will not stick up and will hide well under long hair, making the whole hair topper look natural.

Base Type

For first time Hair Topper buyers, familiarizing yourself with the different types of Hair Topper bases will help you choose the ideal Hair Topper. briefly introduce the three types of bases and learn about their pros and cons.

1. Lace Base

lace base topper

The Lace Base features a lace material with individual hairs tied to the base, which can be a great choice if you want to ensure the front hairline simulates your own. Lace bases are very lightweight and breathable - perfect for hot days!

Pros of a Lace Base

Naturalness: Full Lace Toppers and Toppers with a Lace front are the only base types that perfectly mimic the look of a natural hairline.

Breathability: The Lace Base is considered the most breathable out of the three different bases, due to the lace materials' well-spaced and large pores.

Cons of a Lace Base

Visible Knots: Strands of hair are individually tied to a piece of sheer lace base creating a knot at the base, which can be visible around the hair parting line. However, the knots are less visible when the knots have been bleached or the hair topper is a light color.

2. Mono Base

mono base topper

With a Mono Base, individual hairs are tied to a fine mesh material that allows both light and air to pass through. The Monofilament Base allows you to change the part as you like for great styling versatility, which can give you a natural look. Mono bases are also extremely durable and have a long lifespan.

Pros of a Mono Base

Comfort: The Monofilament Base is soft and comfortable to wear, will not irritate your head and can be a great choice for ladies with a sensitive scalp due to chemotherapy treatments or other skin issues.

Realistic: The Mono Base can mimic the look of natural hair growth and provides a free and movable hair parting for easy styling.

Cons of a Mono Base

Breathability: The Mono Base is smooth and comfortable, but not as breathable as the Lace Base, due to the weave of mono base material being tighter than the lace.

3. Silk Base

silk base topper

The Silk Top Base is constructed with a layer of lace and pure silk fabric on the top front of the cap. The Silk Base has the most realistic scalp look that the market has to offer to date. A Silk Base will perfectly hide the knots and you won't need to worry about any other techniques to make the knots invisible or less visible, because the knots are hidden under the silk base.

Pros of a Silk Base

Realistic: Silk Base hair toppers give the appearance of a scalp that looks like your own. Silk Bases are the most realistic topper base on the market today. With a Silk Base, there is no need to camouflage the knots when you part your topper!

Styling Versatility: The Silk Base offers versatile styling options as you can part your silk topper in any direction.

Cons of a Silk Base

Difficulty Laying Flat: Due to the multiple layers in a Silk Base topper, Silk Base hair toppers are not as easy to lay flat on the head. Silk Bases may also encounter slight bulkiness on the crown. Due to this, Silk Bases usually take a little extra work to lay flat compared to other bases.

Breathability: Due to its unique layered construction, the Silk Base can lack breathability compared to lace and mono bases. Silk Bases may also be slightly warmer to wear during the summer than the other two bases.


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