How to choose the right hair extensions for yourself according to the color?

Choice Of Hair Extensions Color

Hair extensions have been very popular in the market, not only because they are the best option for adding length and volume, changing hair color and meeting your needs, but in some ways they can even help people who are not confident regain their confidence. Hair extensions are a personal and intimate item and to ensure that we have a great shopping experience we want to make sure that it is a good product, it is vital to make sure that the hair extensions purchased are made from 100% real human hair and not synthetic or any other material. This is because synthetic hair extensions cannot withstand the perming and coloring process as well as real human hair. At Vivien, you never have to worry about this because we use 100% real Indian hair extensions.

I believe that everyone compares the selection process with the type, quality, color and length to make the overall look more realistic and beautiful to achieve the desired effect. You don't want to get hair that isn't real and natural, matching the color of your hair extensions to the color of your own natural hair or the occasion you are attending is the secret to having naturally beautiful hair extensions. If the color is matched properly, your hair and extensions will blend seamlessly with no signs of separation, which is what makes them more natural. Choosing the right color of hair extensions is definitely something we need to take time to consider. This blog post is all about how to choose the right hair extensions for you based on color, and here we can help you with that by giving you tips on what hair extension color is more suitable for you to look more beautiful and lovely.

Matching With Skin Tones

Choosing the right hair color can be used to complement our complexion and enhance our tone, and hair extensions are no exception. Being clear about our skin tone can help us find the most suitable and natural shade. Picking a hair extension color that complements our skin tone will give us a more desirable hair color and a more natural look, which is crucial.


Vivien Hair Pieces with Clips Real 100% Human Hair Toppers Mono Base Virgin Hair Crown Topper Dark Brown #2/8/2


Warm Skin Tones

If we have a warm skin tone, then we can choose a hair extension color with yellow or red as the base. There are so many pleasant tones within this spectrum, you’re sure to find a tone that suits you. Then, add some dimension with highlights or low light.


Human hair topper


Cool Skin Tones

For cooler skin tones, most of us choose hair extension colors with a neutral or blue base. After you have chosen your base color, you can also add some realism to your hair by doing a secondary color treatment.

Matching the original hair color

Matching the original hair color

In the process of selecting hair extensions that match your hair color, you should look at your hair color from as many angles as possible. You can achieve a test of your hair color by taking pictures of the top of your head, the front section, and the back of your head from the middle to the end of your hair. Since hair extensions are mostly found at the ends of the hair, the most obvious place to see hair extensions is from the middle of the hair to the ends. If you want to check whether the color of your hair extensions matches, you can stand in natural light and compare the color of your hair from the middle to the end of your hair with the color of your hair extensions. Normally, the color of the new hair is darker than the rest of the hair, so we need to check if the color of the roots transitions smoothly to the ends.

Seek the advice of a hairstylist

Because hair stylists have done hair extensions for many people, they have a lot of experience and can provide us with sound advice. We can tell them the look we want or the color we have in mind, and they will use their own expertise to help us pick the right color so that the extensions color will blend seamlessly with our hair color and give us a natural and outstanding look.

Matching with different scenarios or occasions


Vivien Hair


Summer is on its way and to create a summer atmosphere, we can choose a lighter color for our hair extensions. This  is 100% made of human hair and can blend perfectly into our hair, adding vibrancy to the tips, making our whole look lighter and cooler, more suitable for the hot summer days, and can create amazing effects, order it if you like!

In Conclusion

Choosing the right hair extension color is a make or break decision, and we truly understand that. We hope this article will help you pick the best color hair extensions for you. At Vivien Hair, we will offer a color matching service if you don't find any color that you think will work best for you. If you're still struggling with how to choose hair extension colors, or if you have any questions you'd like to ask, please feel free to contact us, send us an email at will work closely with you to find your perfectly matched color.

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