How to choose the hairstyle that suits you best?

How to choose the hairstyle that suits you best
Hair style is completely subversive in changing people. Changing hair style can bring about radical changes. It can be said that choosing the right hair style can have an effect comparable to plastic surgery.
The choice of hairstyle is inextricably linked to a person's face shape, facial features, and temperament.
We can look at a set of comparison pictures.
Among them, it is not difficult to see that changes in hairstyle and hair color have brought great changes to the appearance of the whole person.Choosing the hair color and hairstyle that suits you will enhance your overall temperament and make you look younger and more energetic. It even looks like his personality is different. Picture 2 looks dignified and reserved, while picture 1 looks bold. Sometimes you can arm yourself by dressing up, right?

How to choose the right hairstyle?

        How to choose hairstyles for different face shapes. Generally, face shapes can
        be divided into: oval face, round face, inverted triangle face, and equilateral
        triangle face.

       Oval face: Oval face is also called "oval face". It is a standard oriental beauty face and is the closest to a perfect face shape. The oval face is slightly pointed up and down, with a full forehead, slightly rounded cheeks, moderate face length, an arc-shaped chin, and the overall facial lines are smooth and even. This close-to-perfect face shape almost doesn’t require a hair style. Whether it’s long hair or short hair, curly hair or straight hair, it can be easily held, showing each unique charm. Although it is almost impossible to choose a hairstyle for an oval face, it is not suitable if the hair is too thick and curly, or if it is cut too short.

short hair

Round face: A round face has the same length and width, a shorter chin, a rounded mandibular curve, and soft and full facial lines. This face shape is what we commonly call a baby face. It looks young, cute, and very approachable. If you want to modify a face that is too round, you need to find a way to make it no longer look round, and you need to work hard on changing the length. The best way is to increase the height and fullness of the top of the hair, visually elongating the round face and highlighting the longitudinal contours.
You can also use oblique bangs to cover the cheeks, reach the collarbone, and then create a curl effect at the shoulders.Round faces are not suitable for thick bangs, or hairstyles that are close to the scalp and have no volume, which will make the already short and round chin more prominent, leaving nothing to hide.

 round face

The inverted triangle face, also known as the "melon face", has a slightly wider forehead, a narrow lower jaw, and a pointed chin. It is currently the most popular face shape. Many celebrities and Internet celebrities belong to this face shape, which is more photogenic. In order to make up for the sharp feeling brought by the pointed chin, you can increase the wavy hair with long curved bangs to shift the focus to the eyes and cheekbones.
Or a +BOB+ head with layered bangs, which can cover a slightly wider forehead and highlight the depth of the head shape. The short hair between the temples can also perfectly outline the +V+ face contour. An inverted triangle face is not suitable for a big bright ponytail, which will completely expose the wide forehead, and there will be no hair on both sides of the chin. A completely protruding pointed chin will look too old-fashioned and give people a sense of distance.

 triangle face

The equilateral triangle face, also known as the "pear-shaped face", has a wider mandible and a narrower top and forehead, forming an equilateral triangle with a small top and a large bottom. Comparing Lu Yu's two pictures, we can clearly find that this type of face shape usually has a higher hairline and is not suitable for exposing a large amount of the forehead. Whether you have long or short hair, it is best to have bangs that can cover the forehead. As for the protruding problem of the lower jaw, if you are a woman with short hair like Lu Yu, it is best to keep the length to the chin position, which can better cover the lower jaw and make the face visually narrower.
For women with long hair who don’t want bangs, you can refer to Kate Moss’s hairstyle. Blow and curl the hair on both sides of the forehead near the top of the head, and strengthen the inward curling near the chin, which can better modify the face shape.

kate moss


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