Hair Extension Knowledge Sharing


It doesn't really matter what kind of hair extensions you get, it's easy to take care of them, they're all the same.
How to wash your hair after picking up:
First of all, I recommend washing yourself, you know the strength of the size of the wash. Along with the hair Grab, do not head upside down to wash, otherwise even if the hair extensions are very successful are super hurt hair. Wash your hair and grab it, don't rub it randomly. After washing, be sure to rinse more hair roots, hair roots are joints, not rinse thousand clean is easy to retain bacteria.
In the barber store to wash hair, be sure to instruct the barber to wash when the hair along the Wash, gently, rinse water more rinse, to ensure that the scalp thousands of dry and clean.
The most important thing to do after hair extensions: comb your hair!

Hair must be combed after getting up. Hair must be messy after going to bed every day, especially near the hair extensions. Just get up and comb it once a day. Brushing your hair regularly will allow you to style it longer and better, and it will also minimize the damage that hair extensions can do to your hair.
If you have to wash your hair, don't rub it hard. Try to rub with your fingertips. Let the scalp relax, our shampoo and conditioner must be rinsed out, can keep the scalp fresh, every day comb your hair do not use a comb to scrape the interface directly, not too hard, you can start from the bottom of the comb slowly upward comb.
After washing the head blowing wind as much as possible from top to bottom blowing, blowing to half dry when you can apply some hair oil or hair care products, blowing out the hair can be blended with their own hair especially natural and smooth.

Hair extensions do not need to be too much, too much and too thick, it looks unnatural. For first time hair extensions or sensitive scalp, Tape hair extensions are recommended for a higher level of comfort. Hair extensions dyeing takes about 5 hours, bleaching color may take longer. It lasts for about 3-5 months. Hair extensions also need conditioner, which will make the hair smoother and less tangled. When you wash your hair, you need to smooth it, not rub it.

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