Expensive or Cheap Hair Extensions?

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Expensive or Cheap Hair Extensions?

Before you buy hair extensions you must have done a lot of homework, such as you must buy 100% real human hair extensions, such as you want to buy tape in hair, clip in hair, weft hair or pre-bonded hair, but maybe your budget is not so sufficient or you prefer to pick some cost-effective products. When you look on a shopping site or go to Google and find two hair extensions that you think look similar, one of which is half the cost of the other, you may want to buy the cheaper one. But what I want to tell you is that cheap hair extensions are really not always cheap.

  1. cheap hair extensions are of bad quality and cost more money to make up for after installation.

Maybe you buy hair extensions that look very good quality when you receive them and very good when you install them, but the cheap hair extensions start to reveal problems after a short time of use, shedding, breaking, tangling, drying, etc. You will start looking for solutions, get your hairdresser to improve or buy more care products to maintain the extensions. These additional expenses are also the cost you will bear to purchase this hair extension.

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  1. Cheap hair extensions don't last long and you'll replace them sooner.

Let's face it, even the cheapest hair extensions are going to cost you something. If you're spending money on something, the last thing you want to do is turn around and buy a replacement shortly after you buy it. When you buy high quality human hair extensions, they can last for months. You can clean them, reinstall them, and they will still be as good as when you first purchased them. Cheap hair extensions are the exact opposite. Even if you spend the money trying to restore them, you'll still find yourself replacing them sooner or later, and more often. Oh, and don't forget, you'll also have to pay for a new installation every time you replace them.

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  1. Cheap hair extensions can be difficult to style and a waste of time and money

When you spend your hard-earned money on hair extensions, you want to be able to style them the way you choose. Unfortunately, with cheap hair extensions, they are very chemically treated and the hair itself is in a state of impending obsolescence, making it difficult to style or change the color any more than necessary.

After we finish talking about the cheap hair extensions, let's talk about the expensive ones.

Why are some hair extensions more expensive?

  1. hair texture type

The quality of hair is divided into two categories, one is remy hair and the other is virgin hair. virgin hair, because the hair itself is taken from the same donor and has not undergone any chemical treatment, the hair scales are more intact and the quality is better, and it lasts longer.


  1. Raw material

Some businesses advertise hair extensions as 100% real hair, but it is very likely that they are mixed with synthetics, so the price is cheaper. The price of real 100% real hair cannot be so low. This is because the raw material of real hair is very scarce and costly all over the world.

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  1. Production method

Some hair extensions are made in a special way or by hand. For example, injection tape in hair, the production process is special, the price is more expensive compared to conventional products. For example, hair topper, all the hair is hand woven, and then for example, hand tied hair weft, is also woven by hand, this kind of hair extensions made by manual means, because the labor cost is more expensive, so the cost of hair extensions is also correspondingly expensive.

So it is truly not recommended that you buy hair extensions that are too cheaply priced.

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