Back-To-School Hairstyles You Must Try

back to school hair bundle

Back-To-School Hairstyles You Must Try

It's the end of August and it's almost time for school to start. Are you excited about starting school? In order to stand out on the first day of school, get compliments and make new friends, a great looking hairstyle is essential.

Now let me briefly introduce you to a few great looking hairstyles!

Monday: Double twist braid

The twist braid has always been a very popular hairstyle, this low twist braid naturally hanging on both sides of the shoulder, will look extra fresh and very lively and lovely. If you don't have a lot of hair, you may not be able to achieve the desired effect, we suggest you to choose the most invisible hand tied hair weft or injection tape in human hair to increase the thickness of your hair.

vivien hair back to school hairstyle

Tuesday: Single twist braid

Only one twist braid will also be very attractive, this loose low twist makes your whole person look gentle and quiet, you are the representative of a lady.

bakc to school hairstyle vivien hair

Wednesday: natural wave hair

The easiest hairstyle that takes only a few minutes, curl your hair before going out, this hairstyle will not make you the center of attention in the crowd, but it is of the durable type. virgin hair bundles can help you achieve a voluminous effect.

balayage blonde and brown hair

Thursday: Ribbon braid

If you haven't tried ribbon braiding, you must try it. Different ribbons, with the carefulness of the styling, present a different effect, which will really make people shine.

ribbon hair vivien hair extensions

Friday: half ponytail

By tying only the upper part of your hair into a high ponytail, and then finishing the broken hair and bangs on your forehead, you get a hairstyle that is both simple and stylish. This hairstyle will look playful all over.

vivien hair extensions balayage blonde hair

Saturday and Sunday: Y2K hairstyle

You can do some Y2k style hairstyle with some hair tinsel, very personalized retro, and then go on a shopping date with your girlfriends or boyfriend, you will definitely be the most attractive girl on the whole street.

Y2K HAIRSTYLE vivien bauty

 We've got the week's hairstyles all set up, now all we need is for you to shop for the right hair extensions and install them, then start the school year off with a bang. Of course, if you have other better hairstyles to share with us, or if you have any questions, you can contact us.



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