7 Ways Heatless Curls

7 Ways Heatless Curls

For girls who like to style their hair in a variety of ways.If you don't take good care of your hair, you will soon have problems such as split ends, dry hair or frizzy hair. How can you find a way to balance hair quality and styling? Follow us to find out!


This is the easiest way to get stunning waves without heat and any tools. Braid your hair at night before going to bed and wear it to bed. That way, when you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is untie your braids, apply your favorite hair oil, and gently toss your hair away to spread out the waves for a languid look. In my opinion, this is the least time consuming method



True to its name, it's really flexible because you can roll it anywhere on your head, and the roll bar is easier to handle because it's relatively large. It's also a joy to see curlers in different colors on the hair. The principle of this tool is the same as that of socks, which is to wrap the hair on it, but it is more convenient that the wrapped hair only needs to fold the two ends of the curling rod in half to fix the wrapped hair from falling. Similarly, if you need a longer lasting curl, it is best to leave it overnight. If you're in a hurry to go out, just use a hair dryer to help set the look (of course, this is a bit against our theme: heatless). But the most important thing when going out is nothing



For this method you need to buy a good headband and a textured product. Put your headband on your hair, Coachella style, and wet your hair with a texturizing spray.

Part your hair and wrap it into the headband - you should have a trendy updo situation. Add more moisture to this updo (texturing sprays are really important!), and wait a few hours (overnight if you want long-lasting results) to dry your hair completely. Then, untie your hair and the stunning curls are immediately in front of you



When it comes to this tool, girls who are active on tiktok will not be ignorant! waver curler! You can choose any online store to search, and you can see colorful products. This waver curler is divided into two types, one is vertical and the other is spiral. Of course, the hair effect is completely different. The hairstyle made by the vertical curler is more like the egg roll head that Korean girls like very much. The curl is not very exaggerated, but it is cute and has a casual feeling. Of course, this degree of curling will not last for a long time, one day is not very good. If you want to last a little longer. You can spritz on some curling spray to keep it in shape

The second is the spiral curler. The effect of this volume is, as its name suggests, a spiral. I personally prefer this effect, it's a bit exaggerated but it's really super cool! If you don't like it so exaggerated, you can comb it immediately after removing the tool, it will be a lot more natural. The biggest advantage is that such a curl can be maintained for a day or more!



The kiny curly has always been a hairstyle I wanted to try but didn't dare to do semi-permanent! This amazing gadget really helped me get my wish! Just wrap your hair around the Spoolies, then bend it to hold your wrapped hair, and the fully pinned hair is like a little tub on your head, which is kind of funny.

You can let your hair air dry overnight, or use a blow dryer for a quick style. The longer you hold your hair in place, the longer your curls will last!




This french twist technique is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to do it (I still love braids, by the way). Wrap some of your hair around your fingers, then gather the wraps into small bundles and secure with a rubber band. In my experience, leave the braids on for at least 6 hours and then gently pull them out to get the look you want.



Here's a creative and inexpensive way to do it: Cut the tips of a few old socks (guaranteed clean and odorless,okay?) and roll them into a circle shape. Divide the hair into strands and wrap one strand around the sock like a rubber band. Do the same for the other strands of hair. Go to bed with a sock-shaped hairstyle. After removing the next day, you'll get a slacker wave that's more voluminous than braided.


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