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Human Hair Weft Highlight Virgin Hand Tied Weft Light Brown with Blonde Hair #p8/60

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Regular price$29.99
Up to 15g/bundle | 150-200g for a full head.

vivien virgin hair weft extensions

Highlight Blonde Hand Tied Extensions

Welcome to the world of Hand Tied Weft Extensions, where beauty and quality converge to give you the ultimate hair transformation experience. Hand Tied Weft Extensions are a superior choice over Machine Tied Wefts because they are meticulously sewn by hand, resulting in a much thinner and more natural-looking weft. Our skilled artisans take great pride in creating each weft with precision and care, ensuring maximum strength and minimal shedding.

Material: Virgin Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions

Texture: Straight, and a natural wave after washing is normal

Color: #P8/60

About Hand-tied weft #18/613:
  • Easily add highlights to hair

  • Hand braided to keep hair shiny

  • Hair scales in the same direction

Tips: 150-200G for a full head

Specifications of Hand tied Weft Extensions


14 inch

16 inch

18 inch

20 inch

22 inch

24 inch














Pieces SHOULD NOT be cut on your own as they will unravel and become unusable.

     Blonde Hand Tied Extensions #18/613 Details

    Virgin hair is the epitome of natural beauty - it is unprocessed, chemical-free human hair that is truly pure. This means that when you purchase virgin hair, you are getting hair that has not undergone any kind of chemical treatment. It has not been permed, colored, dyed, bleached, blow-dried or subjected to any other chemical process that can harm its natural texture and shine.
    • What makes virgin hair even more special is that it is sourced from a single donor. Each bundle of virgin hair that you purchase should come from the same donor, who could be from India, Malaysia, Brazil or any other region of the world. This means that the hair has not been exposed to any harsh agents or chemicals, and its cuticles are all intact and running in the same direction.
    • Choosing virgin hair is a way to embrace your natural beauty and enhance your unique style. With its pure, unprocessed nature and exceptional quality, virgin hair is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look and feel their best. So why settle for anything less? Choose virgin hair and experience the beauty and luxury that only nature can provide.
    virgin tape in hair

    Why Choose Virgin Hair?
    • Our hair bundles are sourced from a single donor, ensuring that you receive the same high-quality hair throughout the bundle for a consistent and stunning look.
    • We only use the finest, rarest raw materials for our virgin hair, resulting in a luxurious and high-quality product that you won't find anywhere else.
    • With our hair, you'll never have to worry about the cuticle being damaged or misaligned - we take great care to ensure that it remains completely intact, ensuring a longer-lasting and more beautiful result.
    • Unlike other hair products that have been subjected to harsh chemicals and treatments, our hair has never been manipulated in any way, so you can trust that it is healthy and vibrant.
    • Whether your hair is curly, straight, or somewhere in between, our hair blends seamlessly with most hair types for a natural and effortless look that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.
    why choose virgin hair?
    virgin hair is more cost effective

    Why Choose Virgin Hand Tied Hair Weft?

    • Hand braided to keep hair shiny

    • Hair scales in the same direction

    • Virgin Hand Tied Weft head, middle, tail

    Virgin Hand-Tied Weft vs Machine Weft

    • Both are suitable for all people

    • Artificial sewing, more invisible

    • Hand hook braid to retain hair moisture

    Hand Tied Weft extensions
    • Super thin. Hand-tied weft threads are made with high precision. Each weft is very strong to prevent shedding and they are less bulky and less visible.
    • Easy to install. No additional hair styling tools are needed to install this as it does not require heat or glue. You just need your hands.
    • Reusable. You can enjoy this extension will depend on how you handle it afterwards. If you never lack care for it, you can be guaranteed to reuse it for 6-8 months. This means you don't have to install it every day.

    How to wear Virgin Hand-Tied Weft?

    • Connect your wefts with micro loops for easy fixation
    • Should be completely dry when installed 
    • Start at the edge and weave to the middle
    • Do not arbitrarily cut Weft
    • Layered wear, more real and natural
        virgin handmade hair weft 100% real human hair extension

        How to wash your hair extensions?

        • Use clean and mild water

        • Air dry is best to the extensions

        • Gentle massage is best, do not pull

        • Conditioner is necessary
        tape in hair human hair extensions can last for 3-6 months silky straight no shedding and no split

        How to care for hair extensions?

        • How to brush it?

        • Can I wear it to sleep?

        • How to dry hair extensions?

        • What kind of shampoo should I use?
        how to care hair extensions
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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Triniti Pearson
        Good Hair Clip-Ins

        I honestly am really surprised with these, I have a hard time matching my natural color and the ash brown was a perfect match for me. They are really thin so I bought two packs. The first pictures are with one and the last are with two. My hair is really short (lightly grown out pixi) so I needed that extra volume to blend it all in. I’m not sure how well they will hold up with constant styling but for $30 it’s a deal no matter what. I got the 12” since I knew I’d be cutting them shorter.

        Kindle Customer
        Great quality

        These are meant to add a highlight without adding too much volume. I would def recommend multiple packs if you have thick long hair.

        Felicia Walker
        Great product for the price

        The color matched my hair perfectly and it works great for my fine/ thin hair! Customer service is also very friendly. I will definitely recommend to anyone and everyone in the future.

        A True Hair Game-Changer

        Vivien's Hair Weft Extensions are a true hair game-changer. They've transformed my hair from ordinary to extraordinary. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

        Lily Anderson
        Exceptional Quality at an Affordable Price

        I've tried many hair wefts, but this one offers exceptional quality at such an affordable price. Great value for money.