Why Choose Halo Hair?

Why Choose Halo Hair?

1. Instantly thicker and longer hair

Halo-style extensions work best for people with shoulder-length hair or longer.

2. Easy to apply and take off

The halo-style extensions are much easier to apply and remove than their counterparts.

3. Comfortable to wear

Halo hair extensions don’t need to be attached directly to your hair with glue or anything else.

4. There is no commitment

Since the application and removal process is quick and easy, you can put it on your head and remove it whenever you want.

5. Gentle to your natural hair

A halo-style extension sits on top of your head using a translucent nylon wire. The extension slips on and off causing no damage to your hair.

6. Invisible

Halo hair is just attached to a transparent wire that is easy to hide under your own hair.