What Is and Why Flat tip Hair?

What is Flat tip Hair?

Flat-tip hair extensions refer to the method of making the tips of the hair into a flat shape. It is very similar to U-tip, both are types of hair extensions with the best quality of keratin, both are installed using a heating method, only the shape is different, Flat is a flat shape.

Why Choose Flat tip Hair?

1. Add Volume and Length. Flat tip extensions add extra length and volume to the hair. They are made from 100% human hair.
2.  Provide Natural Look and Feel. The best part about flat tip extensions is that they look and feel natural. They will blend in with your hair.
3. Are Invisible to the Naked Eye. The naked eye cannot see flat tip hair extensions. They are well concealed in the natural hair strands.
4. Do Not Damage Natural Hair. Since flat tip extensions do not require the use of any heat styling tools during the application process, they do not damage the natural hair.
5. Offer Pain-Free Application and Removal. Both application and removal require professional help since special tools are needed, but the process is relatively simple.