What is Balayage Hair?

What is Balayage Hair?

Balayage Hair has become a hot demand in hair salons around the world, and despite its short time to market, the technology has been around for a long time, and it has become more and more professional over time. Nowadays, Balayage Hair has become the first choice of many customers. I believe you must have seen Balayage Hair girls some afternoon. Balayage Hair exudes a unique charm under the sun.

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How to define Balayage Hair?

Balayage is a French word that means "to sweep," pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE, like sweeping through the hair to create highlights. Balayage is a technique of freehand highlights on the hair, creating a soft, natural light gradient at the ends. The result is like you're on a beach vacation, with inadvertently created highlights that naturally add volume and softness.

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What color is suitable for Balayage Hair?

Many people think that balayage hair is always from dark to light, so they are afraid to try it, but this is only one of the manifestations of balayage hair. It can create many different color combinations that can go from cool to warm and vice versa and can incorporate any color you've seen to create one-of-a-kind balayage hair. For example, You want to have pink blond hair on a warm summer day or grey hair on a cold winter day, why not do it!

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How to care for Balayage Hair?

The care of balayage hair depends on the client and the balayage. We recommend that you avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after coloring to ensure that the cuticles are fully closed along the hair fibers so you don't lose any precious new color. Of course, regular use of color-fixing products is best, it will effectively reduce balayage fading. Since there is no regeneration line at the root, as the hair grows, highlights and low lights will also appear, so it is recommended to replace it in about 6 months (adjusted according to different types).

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Can Balayage Hair DIY?

Of course, but we do not recommend beginners to DIY balayage hair at home, if the operation is not correct, it is easy to hurt you. Beginners can choose to buy direct products, Clip In Balayage Hair is the best choice, you don t have to think too much, just fix the clips where you need them, and it's also a good choice to ask the barber for advice. If you are a hair extensions player, feel free to create, but avoid harsh dyes, which will not only reduce the color finish of balayage hair but also damage your hair.

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Balayage Hair is suitable for all people, it can be freely combined and matched with any color you need. To sum up: heartbeat is worse than action!


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