Hair extensions trends - Shine Hair Tinsel

The latest hair extensions trends for 2022 - Shine Hair Tinsel

If you shop for hair extensions regularly or you're a web surfer, then you've been following this year's trend- hair tinsel. Of course, it's okay if you don't know, but next I'll introduce what shiny hair tinsel is.

vivien beauty hair tinsel

What is shiny hair tinsel?

Hair tinsel is individual glittery strands that are attached to your own hair. Just like tinsel on a Christmas tree, hair tinsel is used to add a little shimmer, color, and fun to your mane.

Strands of tinsel can be individually attached to single strands of hair, or small bundles of tinsel can be attached to small sections of hair for a greater visual impact.

vivien hair tinsel

Shiny hair Tinsel is very popular in 2022, especially among celebrities who are also very keen on it.

It is very popular on Instagram and also other social media platforms such as Tik Tok, you can see a lot of videos with shiny hair tinsel that are very beautiful and innovative.

Women are falling in love with the fun, sparkly tinsel looks all over again. Try any color of the rainbow or stick with natural tones that give you a subtle shimmer effect.

vivien hair tinsel

It’s temporary, so you don’t have to commit to a new look to try the trend. It won’t damage your hair, dramatically change your look, or prevent you from heat styling your hair while they’re in.

Honestly, we can’t think of a single reason not to try hair tinsel. You’ll love the youthful, colorful vibe this trend can bring to your day to day style! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you’ll get when you rock the tinsel trend.

What’s so special about hair tinsel?

  • Adds shine and dimension: If your hair color is dull or you think it's flat, shiny hair tinsel is a great tool to improve this problem! You'll love the way metallic wire really comes to life in the sun!

    vivien hair tinsel

  • Short term sparkle: Hair tinsel is perfect for people who are afraid of commitment and want to try new things for a limited time. Hand tied wire lasts 12 weeks. Micro bead tinsel extensions last 612 months, but can be removed at any time.vivien hair tinsel
  • No damage to your hair: the tinsel is attached to your hair by hand knotted knots or adjustable micro bead links. As long as you follow the instructions, none of these options will damage your hair and avoid pulling the tinsel once it's in place. It's a healthier alternative to permanent hair color!

How to get the most popular hair tinsel?

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