Something You Need To Know About Halo Hair Extension

What is Halo Hair Extension?

Halo Hair extension are made of 100% human Remy hair. Remy hair is high quality hair extensions of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-remy hair extension. Preserving the hair's cuticles and aligning them in a unifirectionsl fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silk and mainly tangle-free throught its lifetime. Halo hair extensions with invisible wires and clips, blend perfectly and stay firmly with your own hair.

The Benefits of Halo Hair Extension

  1. Instantly thicker and longer hair in a matter of seconds ---- Make life easier.
  2. Halo extensions aren't permanent, so you can put them in and out of your hair yourself whenever you want.-----No commitments.
  3. No regular salon visits! Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming appointments re-applying permanent extensiosns----Save money.
  4. They do not cause any damage to your natural hair. This means you can continue to grow and maintain your hair in the meantime.-----No risk.

 How to Apply Halo Hair Extension?

  1. Section your hair at the along the crown of your head and tie your hair in a bun.
  2. Place the halo hair and wire over your bun so it sites along the parting you have made.
  3. Undo the hair and brush out to blend. Please notice that brush any hair near the wire over tomwards the front.

Can I Wear Halo Hair Extension Every Day?

One of the best things about halo hair extension is that they can be worn whenever and wherever you want. Halo hair extension are an excellent choice for any formal occasion or just for regular every-day use. We do not, however, recommended that you wear extensions while sleeping, swimming or taking a shower, as it may tangle in with your hair and cause damage to both your hair and your extensions.

Wearing halo hair extensions can easily reduce everyday hair maintenance, enhance the look of your hair and improve the overall appearance, which in return will increase your confidence level. 

How long do halo hair extensions can last?

The lifespan of Halo hair extensions will depend on how well you take care of them, what products you use on them, and how often you wear them. With proper care and regular wear, Vivien Hair extensions last anywhere from 2-3 months or even longer. For best tips and tricks on how to care for your hair extensions, check out this blog post.

How to Wash Halo Hair Extension?

Quality halo hair requires quality hair care. We recommend using sulfate and alcohol-free products made especially for dry and damaged hair to keep your hair extensions looking their best. We also recommend to always use a heat protectant spray prior to styling and setting your heat tools to a low heat setting of 120C/250F. Anything higher runs the risk of damaging the hair. 


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