Recipes for days: holiday recipes for every occassion

We continue our Hair for Days series with our next instalment of recipes for all your holiday occasions. From Zoom parties to tree decorating to games night, there's a food suitable for every day this holiday season. Read on for 9 of our favourite holiday recipes no matter what the occasion.

Everyone's got that one friend that you love eleven months of the year, but when December rolls around you secretly want to bash her over the head with last year's fruitcake. You know the type—the one who has her Christmas presents bought and wrapped by October, spends the holiday season donning a pair of reindeer antlers, and plays Christmas music long before anyone is ready for it. She makes Christmas look so easy, breezily ticking things off her to-do list before you've had time to blink your eye. 

Well, this year you are going to dethrone your annoyingly efficient friend and become the official Queen of Christmas. The hostess with the mostest. The Secret Santa Extraordinaire. The one whose name will become synonymous with "Christmas Cheer." It all begins with a handful of fantastically festive events and the perfect recipes for each occasion. And thanks to the magic of the Internet, even a global pandemic will not stand in your way! 

1. Zoom Girl's Night

Thanks to the magic of Zoom, you and your besties can stay connected and party hearty from the comfort of your own homes. Yes, no need to venture out into the cold or commandeer a designated driver. Just plop down into your favourite chair and let the fun begin! 

As your friend with the fruitcake-shaped dent in her head would tell you, "Nothing beats a heaping helping of decadent food to set the party mood." And she'd be right. This peanut butter pie recipe is highly addictive and will have all of your gal pals begging for more. Just share this recipe from handle the heat before the party, so everyone can whip up their own and dig into this peanut buttery splendour together. 

2. Tree Decorating

Not even Scrooge himself can maintain a sour disposition in the presence of a beautifully bedecked Christmas tree. Yes, these festive firs can turn even the frowniest of frowns upside down in no time. Whether you love to decorate your tree to traditional Christmas hymns, some old-school Boney M, or a little Pentatonix acapella-style, dressing your faux or forest-grown pine will "spruce" up your home and your mood. And, a sinful serving of the trendiest beverage around is sure to make this occasion even more splendid. Host the toast's recipe for a whipped Dalgona coffee will turn your favourite cup of java into a mug of heaven. 

3. Holiday Movie Night In

The perfect place to test out your new Queen of Christmas crown is at home, the place where you rule supreme year-round. And this year, the whole fam-jam can snuggle up in their comfiest pyjamas for a night in of festive flicks and homespun memories. Whether you prefer a Christmas classic like It's a Wonderful Life, the cartoon goodness of A Charlie Brown Christmas, or the laugh-out-loud hilarity of the Home Alone franchise, nothing fosters the Christmas spirit better than a perennial favourite. 

Before your film night begins, why not have the members of your family create their gingerbread? It's easy, tasty, and smells oh so gingery good! And this recipe for gingerbread men (and women) from sugar spun run is perfect for the occasion. 

4. Virtual Games Night

Do your friends and family love to play games? Just because you can't get together for a face-to-face Monopoly match, doesn't mean you can't nurture those competitive streaks. Thanks to modern technology, you can host a holiday-themed evening  of play. Whether you opt for Christmassy charades, trivia, Pictionary, a murder mystery, or something completely outside the box, you can add laughter and camaraderie to your Christmas season. But don't think that being the Queen of the holidays entitles you to win. 

Acting out charades takes a lot of energy, so you'll need to ensure that everyone has something yummy to fuel their play. Send out this recipe ahead of time, so your guests can all enjoy these tasty Tortilla Roll-Ups from the rose table.

5. Virtual Secret Santa

If you and your co-workers are currently working from home, there is no reason to put the kibosh on your office gift exchange. Hosting a virtual Secret Santa will enable you to spend some quality time with your crazy cohorts and become fully immersed in their beloved office antics once again. Simply arrange a safe and "secret" way to deliver the gifts to their intended recipients and once everyone has opened their gifts online, have them guess the name of their secret Santa. Of course, this will be much more enjoyable with a festive beverage like the ramshackle pantry's Kahlua-Spiked Eggnog recipe.  

6. Contactless Cookie Exchange

Do you look forward to having your Christmas baking needs met by your annual cookie exchange? Why not arrange a contact-free exchange point to ensure that the Cookie Monsters on your list get their fill of snickerdoodles and macaroons? And, if you're tired of baking the same old cookies, you may want to try your hand at something new and delicious like these chocolate swirl cookies by a baking wonderland. They are both pretty and tasty. 

7. Cheristmas Dinner

The crowning glory of every Christmas season is the traditional turkey dinner. And no turkey dinner is complete without stuffing. Tired of stuffing that's a little too dry, lacking in flavour, or overrun with raisins? It may be time to try your hand at the hungry bluebird's scrumptious Old-Fashioned Bread Stuffing with Sausage. 

8. New Year's Eve

While you won't be able to ring in 2021 at a lavish, crowded affair, you can still make it a night to remember for your family in the comfort of your own home. It is the perfect time to introduce your nearest and dearest to a new tradition -- a New Year's Eve fondue! Whether you prefer your food covered in cheese or chocolate, this tasty treat is bound to make this year's farewell a memorable one. And, as it is fully customizable, even your pickiest eater will be satisfied.