Novel and unique Halloween hair styles

Novel and unique Halloween hairstyles

Recommended Halloween novelty makeup

You can try something spooky (like a spider web or a zombie-type look) or something colorful and eye-catching (like a colorful dress for a fairy princess or a candy-colored style). You can even dress up as a variety of classic movie characters. There’s nothing wrong with a little exaggerated makeup just for Halloween.With long brown hair. Enjoy the festive atmosphere of Halloween. Come and play with everyone!

cobweb eye makeup

Spider web eye makeup

You can use purple or brown eyeliner around your eyes or on your forehead or like a spider web as shown in the picture. Then your unique Halloween “spider look” is almost complete. Exaggerated eye makeup paired with the right hairstyle is always refreshing. To accentuate your facial makeup, choose a light hair color, such as blonde.Long blonde curly hair is your best choice It won't look weird if you put on a big miko hat in time. Take action now this Halloween.

blue gradient hair

Gradient blue hair style 

If you try dyeing your hair purple to blue. Wear bright green eye makeup. Wear it with our exclusive sparkling eye patches. Facing yourself in the mirror you will find yourself transformed into a mermaid princess. Long fluffy chestnut hair is suitable for dyeing.The colors are exaggerated and bold. Lip color can also be applied to the color of eye makeup, which will look self-contained. You can definitely try a few more styles for Halloween. Make your Halloween unique!

Clown halloween makeup

Clown halloween makeup

The clown look seems to be the most popular one. You can’t go wrong choosing chestnut curly hair.Cute and funny can be created easily. The props you need to complete this look are also very simple. You only need an eyeshadow palette, a pink eyeliner (of course you can also choose other colors to make your makeup look more unique), and a bright red lipstick. Can. First, you can use eyeliner to outline the shape of the clown's mouth, and draw two large arcs upward from the corners of the mouth. Then apply lipstick to color your lips. Eye makeup is also outlined with eyeliner. Finally, you can also draw some small patterns on the cheeks, such as small circles.

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