How to Dye Your Hair Extensions?

Can I color my hair extensions? Maybe the color of the hair extensions you purchased doesn't match, or you've been wearing them for a while and want a new color, absolutely! You can certainly color it. But coloring is more or less damaging to the hair. So when you are shopping, you should try to buy the most suitable color. If you don't know how to match your hair color, you can contact us.

Okay, next into the preparation before dyeing. First have a good knowledge and understanding of your hair extensions.

dye hair

Are your hair extensions real hair?

First you need to make sure your hair is real hair before you can color it. Synthetic hair cannot be colored, no matter how hard you try, because they are plastic.

If you are not sure if your hair extensions are real hair, you can take a small handful of hair and do a burn test. Real hair will turn into a powder when it burns and is gently squeezed. Burning is a dangerous act, so please be safe. Of course, if you choose Vivien hair, you won't have such concerns at all. Vivien hair is all 100% real hair.

Do you want to dye it dark or light?

Hair extensions can indeed be dyed, but it depends on the situation. Hair extensions can only be dyed a darker color.

If you want to make them lighter, you will need to use bleach. Most hair extensions have undergone a lot of chemical treatment, which means that their cuticle (protective layer) is already in a pretty bad shape. Even the best quality virgin hair, although its scales are intact, is not recommended to be dyed lighter.

colorful hair extensions

What type of hair extensions do you want to color?

If you are going to color tape in hair, please be careful not to color the tape part of the head.

If it is clip in hair or hair weft, again, be careful with this issue and do not dye the weft on the head, once dyed, it will cause the weft to break.

In the case of I tip hair, U tip hair, it is very important not to color the bond of the hair extensions, as it can damage keratin and cause shedding.

different types hair extensions

Tips for coloring hair extensions.

  • Keep your hair as neat and tidy as possible.
  • Give your hair extensions a good comb through before applying any color.
  • Check to see if the ingredients in your hair dye are harmful to your extensions, as well as pay attention to the instructions and steps on the package.
  • Take a small strand of hair to test dye before coloring to make sure the color is what you want.
  • Make sure you have enough dye, you may need more than you think.
  • Work from the roots to the ends of your hair. When applying color, start at the top and work your way down. When you rinse, hold the top of the extensions and rinse downward.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of the extensions in the dye. The extensions are going to absorb the dye much faster than your own hair.
  • When dry, squeeze and pat - do not rub wet hair with a towel. Place hair extensions on a towel in a warm place, such as on a radiator, in an airing cupboard. When hair is damp/nearly dry, comb through from the tips.

Hair coloring is a specialized skill, and if you color your own hair, you must be prepared for the risk of your extensions being damaged. If you are not prepared to take this risk, we recommend that you seek professional help. Anyway, good luck in getting your hair extensions the color you want.


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