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Christmas Star Hairstyle


Christmas is the most important holiday of the year, and in such a special holiday, beautiful hairstyle will not only make you feel better, but also make you look at it more pleasing to the eyes. But we all have the same confusion about good-looking hair, how to make a unique and eye-catching hairstyle, in fact, some small tips can help you achieve a different feeling. Of course, these tips don't require any troublesome steps or tools, and they can be done in just a few minutes to get the hairstyle you want.

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Hollywood waves

Hollywood waves are the most classic look no matter what the occasion is. It looks very simple, but in practice it requires a few tips. For example, you need to pay attention to the hair to curl in the same direction, to ensure that the curled hair does not look particularly messy and easy to take care of. A curling iron or curling iron can easily help you complete this look. After removing the auxiliary tools, spray the hairspray to keep the curl for a longer period of time, and a small bright card is a classic way to make the hairstyle more sophisticated and attractive.

hollywood waves

Half-up Half-down

If waves are not your type, then try half-up and half-down your hair for another cute and sweet style. You can try doing braids on the top half and wearing a bow to add to the festive vibe, and the hair underneath can simply be spread out for a sweet little princess. Or you can do top knot and the bottom hair styling some cute little curls that will make the whole style more casual

 half up half down

Long braid

Such an elegant and sensible hairstyle must be an indispensable style for Christmas. The long braided hairstyle gives a relaxed mood, and the embellishments on the braids can echo the festive atmosphere. When you do it, don't push too hard, tie your hair loosely, you can embellish some cute and bright hair accessories in your hair, and finally embellish your hair with a red bow at the end. I believe such a hairstyle with a beautiful evening dress is the most suitable!

 long braids

Wispy Bun

The hairstyle for the perfect goddess! Elegant, confident, proud, oh my, there are really too many words to describe it. How can such a hairstyle not appear on a big day like Christmas Eve? If you look at the social media platforms, all the stars and creators used such hairstyles when they attended the events. It is simple but not casual and can be easily done with just two leather bands and hairspray. You don't need any other decoration to be able to show your temperament.

wispy bun


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