Are you ready for the Black Friday shopping guide?

Black Friday shopping guide

Wow! Happy Black Friday friends, the biggest promotional festival of the year is here, and many friends don’t know how to choose Hair Extensions. Now let me make a shopping guide for you!

Happy Black Friday Thanks for having you

First purchase

If you are trying Hair Extensions for the first time, I suggest you choose Clip In Hair, because they are only fixed by clips, which is very easy to operate, and it is also very friendly to people who wear them for the first time and will not pull you due to improper operation. Own hair. Here is a little Tip. If you take good care of it, Clip In Hair will last longer than in the introduction.

Happy Black Friday Thank you for your company

Buying players

If you are a player who has purchased N+1 times, I think neither Clip In Hair nor Tape In Hair is too simple for you, you can try something different, such as I Tip Hair or U Tip Hair, They are all made of imported keratin, but the design of the roots is very innovative. It not only retains the high product quality, but also adds fresh elements, and is gradually sought after by more and more friends.

Happy Black Friday Thank you for your company

Heart-warming gift

On this special day, maybe it’s also a friend’s birthday, so exquisite gifts are even more important. Vivien has prepared special handwritten cards, beautiful packaging, and a lot of gifts for you (remember to remark when placing an order), because Vivien Since its development, it is inseparable from the support and encouragement of every friend, so giving back to you and making you happy is our motivation!

Happy Black Friday Thank you for your company

In the end, I want to say thank you to every friend for your company, support, and encouragement. Life is long, but with you, Vivien's road will be firmer and longer. Happy Thanksgiving.Happy Black Friday!

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