7 Hairstyles for Valentines' Day

Love, how to say?
Some people say it is the action, the hand when crossing the street; some say it is the eyes, the shyness when inadvertently looking at each other; or the upcoming Valentine's Day, a gift that can be worth a thousand words, to put that sweet heart.
Today we have brought 9 hairstyles full of love, hoping to bring more sweetness to you or your Valentine's Day.

Half Up Half Down Heart Hair

love hair half up
Still not sure about the first hairstyle? Here's a recommendation. Semi-tucked hair is really one of the popular hairstyles in the fashion world. With a little modification, you can immediately have a different look and feel, no matter what kind of festival it is, you can match it perfectly. Like this one, the first half of the hair is tied up, then the tied hair is pulled out from the bottom to the top and pulled tighter, and finally the hair is tied up with a leather band, and the top is pulled fluffy, which is a complete love hair.


Upgraded Half Up Half Down Heart Hair

Upgrade love half up
If the first hairstyle you think is relatively simple and not very fresh. Then the upgraded version will get your heart more! And the hearts in this hairstyle are more three-dimensional and fluffy. The top half of the hair is tied into two braids, one left and one right, after which one side of the hair is twisted in the opposite direction first, stopping at 2/3 of the part, and the other side does the same, and finally, the two strands of hair converge and are tied up. And then a little tidy up, a nice three-dimensional love is completed!


Low ponytail with braided hair

low ponytail with braid
This is really my favorite hairstyle! It's not overly exaggerated but has a very elegant, understated romance that is absolutely synonymous with this hairstyle. Do not look at this hairstyle as very simple, but in fact, also need some small skills. First, all the hair will be gathered to the left, the backhand start from the right side of the hair, little by little like a braid will be braided down until the ear next to stop, and then tied up with a new leather band. If you like, you can use a ribbon to decorate the hair, it will be more atmospheric!


Hairpin Half Up Half Down

hairpin half up half down
Another one of my favorite hairstyles, a must for lazy people who love beauty! The essence of this hairstyle is the jewelry, must be a good texture, so it will look very delicate and durable. Love heart shape can be used in any lovely holiday, not strange at all, will show the person very lively youth.


Boxing Braid

Boxing Braid
A hairstyle that has power and looks super cool. You may wonder why you need to do such a look for such a festival. Because I know there will be athletic girls who will be dating their loved ones after working out. For the sake of fitness convenience and beauty, this look is perfectly fine. It's also cute and empowering to change into a sexy outfit after exercise or just a wide sweater and legging. Show respect for the sports girl!


Sleek Low Bun

sleek low bun
2021 trend center hairstyle, whether major fashion trendsetters or all kinds of celebrities, you can always see such they attend events with such a look. Such an important festival can not miss this fascinating hairstyle. I don't think I need to teach you all to know how to complete this look, right? Of course, there is a little trick here, using the hair topper can make the top of the head of hair seems to go more full.


Twisted low ponytail

twist low ponytail

There are two types of hair extensions for this hairstyle. You can start by leaving two separate bunches of hair behind your ears and tying the rest into a low ponytail. Then twist each of the hair behind the ears outward until the end of the hair. Finally, wrap each of the two bunches of hair around the low ponytail and secure it with a U-shaped clip. Or twist the two bundles of hair and tie them together directly at the ponytail, then hide the part with the leather band under the ponytail to achieve the same effect.


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