What is PU Skin Weft Hair Extension?

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What is PU Skin Weft Hair Extension?
    PU Skin wefts are a new invention to hit the hair extensions industry. This style of weft offers a seamless blend that sits flat across the head like a hand tied weft but the difference between hand tied wefts and PU skin wefts is that PU skin wefts can be cut like machine wefts. This means no fraying! Our PU skin wefts come with a shiny band that seals the hair in place to prevent any fall out from the hair extensions itself, the small latex band is what allows the hair extension to lay flat on the head. 
    Much like the the hand tied weft, the PU skin weft comes as one long weft piece with the ability to be cut to better customise to your head shape. This is where the PU skin weft really gets bonus points in our book - we like the added feature of the style of weft to be able to be cut! Stacking PU skin wefts is just as achievable and easy as hand tied wefts. 
    PU skin wefts are applied the same way as hand tied wefts, so along a beaded track. However, it's not common for wefts to also be sewn into a braid however this can make the hair extensions bulkier and loose that seamless appearance and risk the chance of becoming noticeable. 

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