Pre-bonded Hair Extensions FAQ

What are pre bonded hair extensions?

Pre-bonded hair extensions, also known as fusion bonded hair extensions, are a very well-known type of hair extension. Even though their installation method is ancient, it still has a place in all kinds of advanced extensions today.

Pre-bonded hair extensions are subdivided into: I tip, U-shaped and flat tip, and micro loop and nano ring hair. All of these refer to the same hair extension method, pre-bonded hair extensions. The name comes from the pre-bonded keratin at the top of each hair, where the hair has been bonded before, rather than appearing loose when trying it on.

Pre-bonded hair extensions are the use of a heat gun or a silicone ring, to attach pre-bonded hair to the client's hair. Once melted or flattened with a tool, the pre-bonded hair "melts" into a solid bond with its own hair.

As with all extension types, this approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you don't want to read these boring science, you can just slide down to the bottom of the article to see the summary.

5 types hair extensions 

What is I tip hair?

I-tip is the top of the strand is shaped like an “I”. I-Tip hair extensions are attached to your hair using a micro-loop process, which involves pulling your hair through a small metal ring at the top of the extension, usually made of copper or aluminum. The metal ring needs to be flattened with a tool so that it is firmly attached to the hair. However, curly or frizzy hair pulled through these rings can cause tangling, curling, and extremely difficult removal.

What is U Tip hair?

U-Tip is the top of the strand is shaped like a “U”. It looks a bit like a false nail, which is why these extensions are sometimes called nail tips. U-tip hair extensions are made from Super Keratin which is the strongest keratin available today and made by applying hot extensions to the original hair.

U-tip extensions are the most popular extensions for all hair types as the attachment points are very small and can be customized with 2-3 smaller micro-attachments by cutting the extensions off, more for fine hair.

What is Nano Ring hair?

Nano tip – the top of the strand is shaped like an “I” and is super fine.

The Nano tip Hair Extension is a pre-bonded hair extension that requires the use of a silicone ring to install, making the installation process faster and easier to apply than I-tip or U-tip hair extensions. You don't need a heated tool to attach them to your hair, just thread your own hair over the little loop to attach them. Not requiring heated tools means they are safer in some ways.

What is Micro loop hair?

Micro loop – the top of the strand has a hollow-shaped top with a ring attached to it.

Micro loop hair extensions, also known as micro ring or micro bead hair extensions, are made by using a fishing line to thread one's hair in the micro rings and then using metal pliers to clip the rings to one's hair. But most importantly, this type of installation does not require heat or glue, thus keeping the hair healthy and also reusable. Another outstanding feature is that these rings can be moved up and down the hair shaft. Having these flexible hair extensions is a must for those who like to change their hairstyle often!

What is Flat tip hair?

Flat tip – the top of the strand is flat. Flat-Tip extensions are a hybrid of tape extensions and I-tip extensions, connecting the tip of a "flat" strand to the strand of a "tie" weft. Flat-Tip is both a strand and a weft, which means it has the benefits of both types, with 360-degree movement and chemical-free installation. The flat comfort and greater hair distribution of the weft allow for spreading extensions.

Flat-Tip hair extensions are installed strand by strand, providing customers with the versatility to wear any hairstyle.



Type Method Reusability Fetures Suitable Hair Types UsageTime
I Tip Hot Fusions Super Solid Fine  Hair 3 month
U Tip Hot Fusions Super Keratin BOTH 3 month
Nano Ring Tools Required Super Fine Fine Hair 3 month
Micro Loop Tools Required Doesn't require heat or glue Thick Hair 3 month
Flat Tip Hot Fusions 360-degree movement Fine Hair 3 month