Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair: Who's the Winner?

Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

With the popularity of hair extensions, celebrities and fashionistas who wear them have been seen everywhere. With it, the types and styles of raw materials are constantly changing, which has the advantage of allowing us to access more high-quality products. Human Hair Extensions, but the downside is that the quality of the products on the market is poor, and consumers often buy Hair Extensions without guarantees. So my answer is: Human Hair Extensions is the champion.

What is Human Hair?

The outstanding advantage of Human Hair Extensions is integrity, most of them come from the same hair donor, 100% of Human Hair Extensions have the same material as natural hair - keratin, and its cuticle is preserved intact and arranged in the same direction. Handling, but using a naturally gentle product. Take this to ensure it's true, soft, and tangle-free throughout its lifespan. The most direct way to verify 100% Human Hair is to burn them, if they become powdery, congratulations, you have met a conscientious seller.

What is Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic Hair Extensions are made from a variety of artificial materials and even add chemicals that can damage the hair, but there is absolutely no human hair in them. To simulate the realness and luster of human hair, it needs to use a lot of chemical processes, which makes it look less real than Human Hair Extensions, even if you buy Weft or a relatively large category, it is very easy to be seen by others. is fake. The market likes to call this hair: 100% high-temperature synthetic, next-generation man-made, and more.

How much do their prices differ?

Synthetic Hair Extensions are made of low-cost materials, so they will be cheaper, but it needs to be replaced frequently, compared to Human Hair Extensions, which are a bit more expensive because it uses higher quality materials and auxiliary processes, and does not require frequent replacements. So it's more worthwhile to invest in Human Hair Extensions that last longer, are better quality, and look more authentic.

Who has a longer lifespan?

Human Hair Extensions use much longer than Synthetic Hair Extensions, because human hair is like our own hair, so it can be used for 1 year or more, but Synthetic Hair can usually be used for 1-3 months. At the same time, if Synthetic Hair is dyed Or curly hair styling, it will speed up and shorten its use time, but for Human Hair, this can be done easily (it is recommended to control the frequency, do not over-dye and perm).

Who is more like natural hair?

The obvious answer is Human Hair Extensions, of course, because it's so close to our hair that when you wear it, as long as you don't lift it, people think it's your natural hair. But Synthetic Hair, it's made of poor materials, so some joints are not invisible and are very easy to be seen. Even once it starts to wear out, it is easier to detect.

All in all, Human Hair Extensions is more worth buying, if you haven't tried it, it's a shame you missed the beauty shortcut, so join us!