What Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

What Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?


Hand tied hair extensions actually refer to a type of hair extension weft used in an extension installation.  When extensions are installed using the hand tied hair extension method, no heat, chemicals, glue, or other adhesives are used to attach your extensions to your natural hair. And because of the application using the beaded track, hand tied extensions are able to lay flatter on your head than other extension types, creating a more natural look.  The hand tied hair extension method also alleviates tension or pressure points that can come with other hair extension methods, leading to much more comfortable extensions and healthier natural hair. In addition, when properly installed, the beads won't touch your scalp, which means no rubbing or irritation and a healthier scalp.


What Makes Hand Tied Wefts Special?

The hand tied hair extensions method has been around for a while. They may seem new but it’s just getting trendy.  First, why do these exist? We get along with the trandtional beaded weft method just fine! Totally. And, really, the beaded weft method is likely still best for you. Hand tied wefts are bound by hand and thin by design. Thin wefts are perfect for people with fine hair who want to avoid the heat or glue of tape-ins. Hand tied wefts, like tape-ins, lay flat without bulk. They can be more comfortable to wear and touch.

So what’s the downside? The installation. They are not only difficult and time-consuming to install, but the wefts can’t be cut. If you attempt to cut them, the thin wefts quickly shed and become worthless.

Hand-Tied vs Beaded Wefts Installation

Both hand-tied and beaded wefts have the benefit of voluminous hair that looks and feels natural without need for heat and glue in the installation process. Both installations are time intensive and require an experienced stylist. Hand tied wefts, however, require additional consideration.

Installing Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand tied extensions still use beads. The difference is the beads are used to create rows across your head using your natural hair. Hand tied wefts are then sewn onto the rows. Some people do two rows with two to four wefts on each row.

Hand-tied wefts cannot be cut and must stay bound as a single solid piece. Being unable to cut a weft into smaller sections makes the installation process…trickier. Instead of customizing (cutting) filler pieces where needed, you have to carefully plan placement with the row created by your natural hair.

If you have fine hair, the planning and forethought may be worth the effort. Hand tied wefts offer natural looking extensions without the bulk that durable beaded wefts offer. If you have medium to thick hair, however, traditionally beaded wefts are stronger and easier to install.

Hand Tied Wefts vs Beaded Wefts Maintenance

We recommend 4-6 weeks between tightenings for beaded wefts and 4-8 weeks for hand tied wefts. The range depends mostly on how rough or gentle you are with hair extensions. (Most of you are straight up savage.) You might be thinking well that’s less maintenance, that’s great! Well, not so fast.

Beaded Wefts Have an Easier Time with Maintenance

On the flip side, beaded wefts take half the time. Beaded weft tightening sessions are 20 – 30 minutes. We only recommend longer intervals between tightenings with hand tied wefts because of the long process. With proper installation, you will have less slippage with hand tied wefts. That said, beaded wefts shed less and are easier to maintain.

For the Experienced Extensions Wearer

One stylist recently had hand tied wefts installed and instantly felt she needed more hair. However, she actually had the same amount of hair installed as usual (100 grams.) The reason hand tied wefts felt lighter is because they are! The wefts are much thinner with less weight pulling on your natural hair. This gave the illusion of less hair when it was actually the same.

No matter what, you really need to find an installation pro. Hand tied wefts can are not easy to install and even more difficult to maintain. Don’t watch a hand tied video, buy some hair, and ask your stylist to do them unless they’ve done them before.