Changing Your Hair To Look Younger

Changing Your Hair To Look Younger

Even if you go to the gym regularly, wear a very flattering dress, wear sophisticated makeup, go to the salon monthly for skincare, and apply the most expensive eye cream, you will still not look young and beautiful because your hair is not the right color, length, and style.

It's time to make a change, find a look that works for you, and take care of your hair so you can look younger.

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Don't blindly follow the trend

There are often videos on YouTube or Tik Tok where bloggers share great hairstyles and they are all the rage and people follow them. These hairstyles look really nice on other people's heads. But that's not always the right one for you.

The best way to recapture your youth is not to steal a haircut from it. Instead, go for an update. If you're not sure what style suits your face best, visit your favorite stylist and see what they have to suggest.

Trim your hair length appropriately

Long hair has been proven to look good at any age, but overly long hair may not be appropriate, especially at a certain age when hair that is longer than your ribcage is definitely not a good choice.

By trimming your hair length appropriately, you will look more youthful and energetic.

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Change your hair color to make it lighter

Dyeing your hair too dark will definitely highlight lines and dark spots - exactly what we try to hide as we age. Experts agree that framing your face with warmer tones will brighten your complexion and better hide the signs of aging. This can be done by making your hair brightest around and at the top of your face, and darker underneath. A quick way to achieve this is to choose warm-toned clip-in hair extensions and clip on a few pieces to cover your face while giving yourself a fuller head.

Don't forget to make sure your eyebrows match your new color. We recommend choosing a color that matches the lightest highlights in your hair for best results.

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Swap out the overly flattering straight hair look

Convincing long straight hair is a great way for younger sisters to accentuate their beauty. However, as you get older, it only makes us look flat and dull now. Listless and lifeless hair can make your face look stretched out while accentuating laugh lines and crow's feet. And, if you use a flat iron to achieve this look, you're exposing your hair to damaging heat that makes the strands themselves look older.

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Reduce your shampooing frequency

No one wants greasy hair or dandruff on their shoulders, but over-washing is not advisable either. Too much washing can rob your hair and scalp of much-needed natural oils, leaving your follicles brittle and lifeless. The average person only needs to shampoo two to three times a week.

Don't take the hype on shampoo bottles at face value; it will only make you use more and wash more often.

Give your hair a little volume and layers

Hair with layers is alive and it will make you look vibrant, on the contrary, hair without any layers can be heavy and lifeless, making your face look longer and older than it actually is.

If you want to trim your cheekbones, then you can trim a bangs with hair on both sides to add layers. If you have thin hair and want to add layers and thickness, you can opt for hair extensions.

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Make sure your hair is well hydrated.

If your hair can be described as "dry" or "wilted" then now is the time to give your hair some moisture love. Soft, shiny hair is loved by all. Dry hair can make a person look very tired and listless.

Give your hair some moisture boosting work, use hair oils, etc.

The right place for your hair seam

Do you have a center or side parting?

A completely middle hair slit will make you look serious and like a strong woman in the workplace. Younger sisters would prefer a slightly left or right side slit. Be careful not to let your seam go very far from the center either, that would be too weird.

Change the light hair color you've always worn

For the first few decades of your life, light hair color has probably always been the best for you. They may have served you well over the years, but as you age, keeping your hair so light can be a huge hair mistake. Unfortunately, as you age, your complexion loses a lot of its natural color and very light hair can completely hide your own highlights.

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Get a different hairstyle instead of all tightly pinned

Meticulously tying up all your hair leaves your face completely exposed to all the signs of age, spots, wrinkles and everything else you want to hide. This doesn't mean you can't tie your hair up anymore. It just means you should opt for a looser look with curls that fall along your face.

A set hairstyle and color is not a one-off, but hopefully you will still be able to know exactly what hairstyle and hair color works for you as you get older. You will always be beautiful.



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